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Senate Republicans Put Ideology Over The Health Of 50,000 Granite Staters

“Today, members of the Senate Republican caucus let down the people of New Hampshire by refusing to compromise to develop a health care expansion plan that would actually work,” Governor Hassan stated. “Their refusal to discuss workable plans to allow New Hampshire to accept $2.4 billion in federal funds to provide critical health coverage to […]

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Support for Rep. Chase from Granite State Progress

Zandra Rice Hawkins  on the dust up regarding Rep Chase’s Comment regarding the Free State Movement in NH and the failed attempt at censure for those comments. “Representative Chase has every right to shine a bright light on the extreme and misleading tactics of the Free State Project. The ultra-extreme Free State Project’s stated purpose is to move […]

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I Heart Zandra, or, Where’s Gregg on Death Panels?, Pt. III

So awesome: According to Zandra Rice Hawkins, spokesman for Granite State Progress, the band of supporters were drawn from a coalition of groups – including Planned Parenthood and the SEIU – and had been holding a rally in support of health care reform in the parking lot of the senior center since about 6:30 a.m. […]

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Couldn’t get it to embed, but if you go here you can catch NECN’s piece on the changing face of our political scene, starring the wonderful (and indefatigable) Zandra from Granite State Progress. Speaking of GSP, they’ve posted a very useful page of polling place, registration, absentee ballot, etc. info for the SD-3 special election.

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