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Dimpled, but not principled

It has long been fairly obvious to anyone paying close attention that the party of business was largely aspirational. That is people flock to the Republican Party because they want to be good at business, but aren’t. So, the recent revelations about Scott Brown’s affiliation with an outfit in Florida that’s morphed from hair spray […]

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Say Anything Ayotte Faces the Music for Her Conflicting Comments

As Dean wrote earlier,  Kelly Ayotte continues to take heat from key Republican activists for the positions she held while Attorney General.  This time it’s regarding her stance on the Second Amendment. According to NHPoliticalReport.com, last Friday Ayotte was “told off in front of hundreds of influential primary voters” by a former state Representative who […]

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Due Process Abused?

Over these past two months in between working hard at my desk at my regular work, I have been watching or listening on-line the judicial proceeding in the Al Franken / Norm Coleman senatorial race in Minnesota.   An organization named “Uptake” has been streaming the proceedings (www.theuptake.org) The broadcast also has a streaming blog […]

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