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Catholic Latino Should Be Natural Allies With The GOP? Yeah, Not So Much

The other day I was listening to “the Exchange” with Laura Knoy, and they were discussing the new GOP ‘Autopsy’ (read my full post on this show). One of the guests, Steve Duprey (RNC Executive Council), said something that really offended me. Duprey was talking about how the GOP needs to do … Continue reading →

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Sorg: Immigrants want government to ‘give you stuff’

After Latinos overwhelming voted for Pres. Obama, Republicans are bowing to political reality and embracing immigration reform. Former state Rep. Gregory Sorg (R-Easton) didn’t get the memo. On NHPR’s The Exchange, he told host Brady Carlson that he is skeptical of achieving immigration reform under “a President who has said that the function of government […]

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Charlie Bass on the Exchange now -sent an email on the Norquist pledge- they won’t touch it read it

If Charlie signed Grover's pledge in 1994 (someone should fact check) and he now claims Grover keeps you on for life…ask Mr. Bass if he  has an affirmative duty to ask Mr. Norquist to have his name removed. Charlie has been around for decades and clearly understands how the game is played and he is […]

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NH GOP Chair John H. Sununu Takes His “I Hate NH Tour” to NHPR’s Exchange

To distract from half-truths, distortions, and outright lies Sununu resorts to childish taunts Concord – Today, Chairman of the Republican Party John H. Sununu took his “I Hate NH Tour” to New Hampshire Public Radio’s program The Exchange.  Within the first 30 seconds of being on the air Sununu lied three times in quick succession. […]

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NHPR Tomorrow: Blogger Rights

An interesting segment scheduled for NHPR’s The Exchange tomorrow, IMHO: Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 – A New Challenge on the First AmendmentFree speech allows us to say what we want, but it does have its limits.  We can’t, for example, yell “fire” in a crowded theater.  The media has a responsibility to print the truth […]

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