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Senate Ways and Means Votes to Cut Business Taxes While State Struggles to Fund Critical Needs

CONCORD, NH – The Senate Ways and Means Committee today approved two separate bills that together would reduce business tax revenue by tens of millions of dollars at a time when the state is struggling to fund public services vital to New Hampshire’s economic future. SB 1, which would lower the business profits tax (BPT) […]

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SEN. Martha Fuller-Clark: Corporate Tax Cuts: The Solution in Search of a Problem

When you’ve spent as much time in the New Hampshire legislature as I have, you are used to seeing solutions proposed to problems yet to arise. This session is no exception. Currently, Senate Bills One and Two are pending in the Senate championed by some as needed to enhance our business climate. While these bills would modestly […]

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Capital Gains Proposal Would Generate New Revenue While Reducing Property Tax for Thousands

CONCORD, NH – The House Ways and Means Committee today held a hearing on a proposal that would both raise needed revenue for the state and begin to address the lack of equity in its tax system. HB 634 would expand New Hampshire’s existing interest and dividends tax to include capital gains, generating nearly $100 […]

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AFT-NH Legislative Update 2-3-15: Kicking Off The Session

The 2015 session of the NH State legislature is underway and as always, there are many bills to follow and monitor.  Some legislative proposals will garner our support but others will earn our enmity and opposition as we defend the interests of our members and of working people in New Hampshire.  As we review proposed […]

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Senator Kelly Ayotte Twists The Facts About Immigrants & Taxes With Unemployment Insurance Amendment

This week, as the Senate decides whether to extend unemployment benefits, some Senators are looking for “offsets.”  Unfortunately, a fallback for some members of Congress has become targeting programs for immigrants, without regard to the true fiscal or social impact. One recurring target has been the Addtional Child Tax Credit for immigrant taxpayers. An amendment […]

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Is The Congressional Budget Committee Really Out To Destroy The Post Office?

Some on the Congressional Budget Committee seem to be misguided on what their task is by seriously considering a proposal to eliminate Saturday mail delivery. The Postal Service has reported an operating profit of $600 Million for Fiscal Year 2013. Its first profit since 2008. Parcel revenue soared to an all time record high of […]

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