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Kelly Ayotte Votes Against New Hampshire’s Best Interests In Budget

As the Senate wrapped up a slew of budget amendment votes Kelly Ayotte’s priorities were on full display, and now she has to begin the difficult work of trying to explain her indefensible votes to her constituents back home. Below is just a sampling of where Kelly Ayotte voted against New Hampshire’s best interests: Voted […]

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Senator Soucy Condemns Senate GOP for Failing to Raise the NH Minimum Wage

Republicans Kill Minimum Wage Increase that Affects More Than 76,000 people     CONCORD – Senator Donna Soucy of Manchester issued the following statement today after Senate Republicans defeated her prime sponsored, Senate Bill 261 on a party-line vote of 14-10. “Today, the Republican-led Senate failed to strengthen the financial security of hard working Granite Staters and expand opportunity for […]

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Scott Brown, money bags

Raymond Buckley, Chair of the New Hampshire Democrats, writes: Friend: Today, Scott Brown helicoptered into New Hampshire politics once again — this time writing a $10,000 check to the New Hampshire Republican Party. In 2012, Scott Brown raised more than $30 million from the same people who caused the government shutdown — Tea Party loyalists […]

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Senator Cruz Is Not The Only One Who Wants To Shut Down The Government Over The ACA

There are a lot of people talking about the upcoming showdown over the Affordable Care Act and the Continuing Resolution to keep the government running.  Without a budget or a Continuing Resolution the government will be forced to close up shop due to lack of funds. This has been the subject of many previous debates […]

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Stand with Whitehouse on the Carbon Threat

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has completely correctly identified carbon as the malefactor, whose presence in the atmosphere and in the oceans threatens the existence of life on earth. For some reason, Whitehouse is often a lone voice in the Senate, ignored by his colleagues as if he were crying wolf. Tell Senator Shaheen to pay attention. […]

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Strong Labor Opposition To Senate Bill 37 (The bill to restrict collective bargaining in NH)

When you talk about cutting collective bargaining rights for public employees, the labor unions come out in droves.  As they should. Thats why we form unions.  One solid voice to speak for the membership. Today was no different.  At the committee hearing for Senate Bill 37, “an act relative to management rights under collective bargaining” members […]

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NH Senate President Writes Legislation To End Collective Bargaining

After enduring two full years of constant attacks on the collective bargaining process, we thought that after the elections we would be safe.  We were wrong! Senate President Peter Bragdon, who is a strong supporter of Right To Work legislation, has introduced a bill that would effectively end collective bargaining for public employees, without actually […]

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A Democratic Senate Majority

UNH pollster Andy Smith wrote in a press release today: “Likely 2012 New Hampshire voters are also more likely to say they will vote for Democratic candidates for NH Senate than they have been in earlier polls. Currently, 42% say they will vote for the Democratic candidate from their district, 36% support the Republican candidate, […]

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