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The Rest of the Story on Scott Walker’s Visit to Concord

By Paul Brochu, Lead Organizer, New Hampshire for The Stamp Stampede According to someone who was there Saturday morning: More people were outside protesting against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker than were inside the building, attending the event. Inside, what was billed as the NH-GOP’s “2016 Kickoff Grassroots Training” quickly devolved into an exercise in political […]

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AFT-NH President Hainey’s Testimony Against SB 217 (Right To Work) In NH Senate

Once again New Hampshire is considering the aptly named ‘Right to Work’ legislation.  Today local labor leaders are testifying against SB 217, and AFT-NH President Laura Hainey kindly sent us a copy of her written testimony against SB 217. January 23, 2014  Dear Senate Finance Committee, I am writing to you to ask you to […]

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Is it about Right To Work? No, it’s about profit margins.

Boeing’s Dreamliner was in the news again last week:  one plane caught fire at Heathrow Airport; and a second experienced a “technical issue” and returned to its originating airport. When I heard that news, I couldn’t help thinking about the announcement that gunmaker Sturm, Ruger would be opening a new factory in Mayodan, North Carolina, […]

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RTW Part Deux Redux

Susan has a run down of the proceedings of the RTW Bill (HB 32) as it came before  House Labor, Industrial, and Rehabilitative Services Committee yesterday (1/30/13) Obie tells us that NH will either be left behind in a Northeast that is a forced union part of the country, or join and enjoy the benefits […]

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Gill: RTW is Wrong for NH

I have a letter to the editor in today’s Concord Monitor, “Right-to-Work is Wrong for NH” I’m running against Free Stater Mark Warden in Hillsborough County’s Floterial district 39, covering Deering, Goffstown and Weare. On September 10, 2012 on the Girard at Large radio program, after receiving Bill O’Brien’s endorsement, Mr. Warden stated that passing […]

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House Passes Bill Limiting State Workers’ Unions Bill

House Passes Bill Limiting State Workers’ UnionsBill Is More Limited Version Of Vetoed Right-To-Work Measure CONCORD, N.H. — New Hampshire’s House has voted to bar the unions representing state workers from collecting fees from non-union members to cover bargaining and other costs. How is this going to create jobs? The House voted 212-128 Thursday to […]

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O’Brien’s Retribution

From The Lobby: Four members of House Speaker William O’Brien’s extended leadership team will be sacked for their opposition to Right-to-Work legislation, TheLobbyNh.com has learned. House Fish and Game Commission Chairman Gary Hopper, R-Weare, has already turned in his letter of resignation from running the panel. DJ is the hit man for the other three, […]

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There is a Storm is Gathering…

Here are the radio Ads running across the state curiously well timed in advance of today’s session at the statehouse. @NHAFLCIO will be tweeting live with the #standupNH and #nhunion hashtags. #stopRtW seems to be another tag in use.  AFPR-02+Americans For Prosperity+Not Free 11-21-11+S by mhoefer  AFPR-02+Americans For Prosperity+Unfair 11-22-11+S by mhoefer  NHAC+NH Advantage Coalition+Protect […]

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RTW Override Vote Pending?

Really a placeholder diary here, hoping others will chime in with what they are hearing and how we can help sustain the Governors veto. Ads the past two mornings on WKBK (SW NH) have read out the names of State Representatives that are blocking the passage RTW work. The names are read over very ominous/scary […]

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The party of State’s Rights

Remember last week when the GOP in NH was complaining about our State’s Rights being violated when the Federal Government contracted directly with Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Where was their mock outrage yesterday when a sitting US Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, threatened to get involved in the RTW veto override? So the Federal Government […]

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