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Leo W Gerard: The GOP Has Money To Kill

By Leo W Gerard, President of the United Steelworkers Shock and awe describes the budgets issued last week by Republicans in the House and Senate. The shock is that the GOP never stops trying to destroy beloved programs like Medicare. Awe inspiring is their audacity in describing their killing plans as moral. When the House […]

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USW President Leo W. Gerard: The GOP’s Big Squeeze

Editor’s note: Beginning this week, the NH Labor News will also be posting a weekly editorial from United Steelworkers President Leo W Gerard.  Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation last week to lower the wages of Wisconsin’s middle class workers. He wants pay cuts for hard working Wisconsinites. It’s part of a pattern established by Wisconsin’s […]

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We Need A New Hampshire Senate That Puts People Above Big Business

This week the Republican controlled State Senate chose to put business profits ahead of working families, by voting to cut taxes for big business. The New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute reported, “SB 1, which would lower the business profits tax (BPT) rate, and SB 2, which would lower the business enterprise tax (BET) rate, together […]

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Bills, Bills, Bills

The legislature is back from a week of hiatus, and they’re getting back to business. A lot of proposed bills were dealt with this week, and the committees are busy hearing more. One of the many good things about NH is our unwillingness to frivolously amend the state constitution. Every legislative session numerous amendment bills […]

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This is a little awkward

The NH Young Republicans just announced the venue for their annual lobster bake.  It is in… Maine!    Join the New Hampshire Young Republicans & NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien!   For a fun day of Food, Rides, Attractions, and Politics!   Saturday September 1st from 10AM to 6PM at the Aquaboggan Water Park. Located […]

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