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AFT-NH Takes Pledge To Reclaim The Promise Of Public Education

  AFT-NH Board of Directors took the pledge to RECLAIM THE PROMISE OF PUBLIC EDUCATION Public education is under assault, and decades of top-down edicts, mass school closures, privatization, and test fixation with sanctions instead of support haven’t moved the needle in the right direction. It’s time to reclaim the promise of public education—not as […]

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The Teacher Evaluations Debate Comes To NH: An Update from ANHPE (@BillDuncan)

The Teacher evaluation debate comes to New Hampshire The national debate about the future of American public education – the “education reform” debate that has taken shape over the past 10 years – has two major parts.   One is essentially about privatization of our public school systems – either though for-profit charter schools (unlike those we […]

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Education Advocate Andru Volinsky Endorses Jackie Cilley

Yesterday, Andru Volinsky, public education advocate and lead counsel for the historic Claremont School District v Governor of New Hampshire decision, endorsed Jackie Cilley for governor of New Hampshire. Fosters on the endorsement: An attorney involved in one of the most significant court cases in New Hampshire’s recent history is endorsing Jackie Cilley for governor. […]

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Defending Against the N.H. GOP’s War on Education

The always informative email update from Bill Duncan at Defending New Hampshire Public Education has the latest details on the New Hampshire GOP’s War on Education. Here are some excerpts. If you care about the future of public education in the state, I strongly recommend you read the entire report and subscribe to the updates. […]

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Shilled By A State GOP Political Shell Game

Do you like to play shell games? No? Why not? Because in the end, you lose your money. Well, the state legislature is playing a shell game with your tax money, and finally, after all the deceptiveness has ended, you’re going to lose. Republicans have proposed and strongly support the State Senate’s Education Tax Credit […]

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The GOP Effort to Dismantle NH’s Public Schools

Defending New Hampshire Public Education, led by Bill Duncan, is doing a superb job of tracking and publicizing the Republican effort to dismantle New Hampshire’s public schools. The latest DNHPE email update identifies over 20 anti-public education bills on the agenda for the 2012 session of the New Hampshire legislature. I’ve included an excerpt and […]

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