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Primary Open Thread

I was up early to dress some polls in Swanzey and Marlborough. Rode bike to Keene Ward 5 to vote then to Ward 2 to report bellwether numbers. What are you doing/seeing out there today? Will leave this up all day for your posting enjoyment. Probably use this as the results thread this evening as […]

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GOTV Open Thread

I suspect things will be quiet around here as hamsters help their candidates of choice GOTV efforts. Did you know the Blue Hampshire Logo is artwork by Nicole Caulfield of a Howard Dean visibility event on the square in Keene ahead the 2006 primary? How is your GOTV going?

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Wake up and Smell the Coffee (Open Thread)

Back in 1992 the Band Riot Grrl Band “L7″ was making waves for their hard rocking, political & feminist lyrics. With the attack on reproductive rights and the war on women we have seen over the past two years, lyrics’s from “Pretend that we are dead” seem as true today as it was then. Turn […]

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Sunday Breakfast Eggstravaganza

I don’t remember what I was looking for when I came across this list of favorite breakfast spots in. NH The comment section is fun. It’s NH – and just as we are passionate about politics, we’re equally passionate and opinionated about breakfast. So, let’s talk about it. What’s your favorite summer breakfast? What’s your […]

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Open Thread: Disturbing and Simply Wrong

My philosophy on money, material goods and personal responsibility were somewhat like O’Brien’s until my son, while in college, was diagnosed with a mental illness. It brought me into a whole new world of individuals who espouse personal responsibility but need support and assistance to achieve that status. Eliminating or reducing the programs that provide […]

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