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Republican Constituent Schools Ayotte on Actual Impact of Tax Breaks for Wealthiest 2%

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte probably wasn’t expecting this during her town hall in Canada* last week, when a long-time Republican stood up and pushed back on her declaration that she couldn’t end tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% because it will impact “small businesses”: “Senator, I’m a lifetime Republican, and have usually voted Republican, however […]

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Obama’s Best NH Counties

Cheshire comes out on top with 1.67 Obama/Biden votes for every 1 Romney/Ryan Vote*. Grafton is close second at 1.64. Obama lost Carroll, Rockingham and Belknap. Cheshire 1.67 Grafton 1.64 Coos 1.43 Strafford 1.35 Sullivan 1.31 Merrimack 1.30 Hillsborough 1.02 Carroll 0.98 Rockingham 0.91 Belknap 0.90 * Must be due to our diverse urban environment […]

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Kimball Tops Himself

Wish I had a photo: on Jack Kimball's billboard near the Portsmouth traffic circle, it reads: Obama is running guns to Al Qaeda. Somehow I kept my car going straight.  This should help undecideds with sanity go for our side.  And if you want lawn signs that say: Stop The Craziness, Retore Respect and Common […]

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The Contrast Between Rmoney and REAL Diplomats

This will be a short diary because other, more eloquent, diarists have and will write much on Rmoney’s blatant opportunism with his President Obama attacks even before the President actually said anything. However, I was reading a synopsis of governmental responses to the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the stark contrast between the diplomatic and […]

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He Did it Without Help…Except For All the Help He Got

From susanthebruce: Today’s Union Leaderhas an op-ed by former NH GOP Chair Fergus Cullen. Fergus is going with the silly “I did it MY WAY with no gummint help” that our friends in the GOP clown car seem stuck on. It’s a silly meme that is going to continually bite them in the buttocks – […]

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Welcoming Mitt Back to NH – With a Few Pointed Questions

Working families are welcoming Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at his campaign stop in Stratham tomorrow with a few pointed questions about his campaign's claims that taxpayers want him to lay off more teachers, firefighters and police officers. New Hampshire workers – who are, let's face it, taxpayers too – will show their suport for […]

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