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“How Change Happens In This Country”

How’s your husband and the horse business? Yesterday, the President’s visit to Portsmouth gave him an opportunity to re-connect with Jackie, where he showed his concern for small business owners like her and her husband Bruce. In July 2007, Jackie was one of the future President’s early endorsers in the First-in-the-Nation primary. From the release […]

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James O’Keefe Targets N.H. Primary

The New Hampshire primary is the latest target of James O’Keefe, the infamous right-wing videographer whose video stings include staged encounters with ACORN, Planned Parenthood and NPR. The actors in O’Keefe’s latest escapade requested — and received — ballots yesterday using the names of registered voters who died in the last three months. In one […]

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Primary Highlights Collapse of Tea Party, Rise of Occupy

The Washington Post documents the dramatic fall in support for the tea party movement among New Hampshire voters. An NBC News/Marist poll released late Friday showed that for the first time, 53 percent of likely Republican primary voters said they are not supporters of the tea party, while 40 percent said they are supporters and seven percent […]

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None of the Above

My latest letter to the editor published this past Tuesday in the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript. Please, all you Blue folks, go vote and take a Democratic ballot on Tuesday.———- On January 10, I’m voting None of the Above. It’s my way of saying that none of the Republican candidates has any real solutions to the most […]

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New Hampshire Primary Mythbusters

So UNH, paired, as they are on occasion, with the Boston Globe, put out the eleventy hundreth NH-Primary poll of the GOP presidential aspirant circus. Snooze. Until you dig into it and see that someone made an excellent decision to ask interesting questions of the poll respondents. Let’s start with the deficit-busting Bush tax cuts: […]

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Bachmann Returns

Michele Bachmann will be back in the Granite State today for a house party in Raymond. In her campaign roll-out, she has already established a pattern of fact free commentary to fit her narrative. Examining 24 of her statements, Politifact.com … found just one to be fully true and 17 to be false (seven of […]

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