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Can You Help Send Matt To Netroots Nation?

Here’s the thing: my friend Matt Murray runs New Hampshire Labor News on a strictly volunteer basis. All the hours he puts in – on the blog site, on the Facebook page, the Twitter Feed, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pintrest – all his time is donated.  And he usually ends up paying costs out-of-pocket. Matt does this because he believes in the Labor Movement.  He saw a communication gap and decided to fill it: all of New … Continue reading

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CACR 8: What is are they really trying to do with our Tax Dollars Now?

 This is another Constitutional Amendment being offered by the Education Committee.  This resolutions is taking your tax dollars and then giving the State Legislature the discretion to give that money to any school including religious based private schools or charter schools. The current New Hampshire Bill of Rights reads: “[Art.] 6. [Morality and Piety.] As […]

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