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What Mitt Romney Taught Us About America’s Economy

With Mitt Romney edging ever-closer to another run at the Presidency, I figured it was time to re-hash what his 2012 campaign taught us. First, we learned that some folks are willing to to spend a whole lot of money to get “the right person” elected.  Sheldon Adelson, for instance, reportedly spent almost $150 million […]

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The GOP Tears Itself Up, Just Not As Much As I Do

The internet is filled with political bloggers. Some lean left, some lean right.  Right now many of these political bloggers are talking about the new GOP “Autopsy” or as the GOP calls it, the “Growth & Opportunity Plan.”   This new report is giving a very in-depth look at what the GOP … Continue reading →

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Obama campaign turns a loser into a winner

In sports, it’s called stealing a victory. The team that was supposed to lose finds a way to win. Barack Obama stole a victory in the presidential election. The odds were stacked heavily against him at the start of the campaign. The economy was slowly struggling back from the Great Recession with unemployment tortuously declining […]

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Three Very Different Newspapers’ Presidential Endorsements

Let’s think about an endorsement for President with the help of three newspapers: the staunchly Republican Chicago Tribune, Mitt Romney’s “hometown” Salt Lake (Utah) Tribune, and a progressive newspaper, the New York Times. The Economy. The New York Times (10/27/12) notes, “Mr. Obama prevented another Great Depression. The economy was cratering when he took office […]

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John Sununu: Shameful. You Need To Apologize

John Sununu, you need to apologize.  And you need to mean it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/26/john-sununu-colin-powell-endorsement_n_2020735.html That kind of rhetoric — whether you call it “political analysis” or “gut instinct” or anything else — has no place in our nation's dialogue today.   It's called racism.  Shameful. Let's not do this in the America of the 21st Century.  Let's […]

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Mitt Romney “Walks Back and Forth” on Abortion

Mitt Romney has a problem. In order to please his far-right base and gain the Republican nomination for President, he took an extreme position on abortion. He pledged to overturn the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision legalizing abortion. If President, he would do this by appointing Supreme Court justices who would reverse the decision.   In […]

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Did your NH State Rep vote to fire Big Bird?

More than a year before GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney publicly vowed to fire Big Bird and his friendly Sesame Street crew, the New Hampshire House voted to abolish state funding for public television in New Hampshire. On February 15, 2011 the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to pass HB 113, prohibiting the use […]

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Free Staters bail on Romney, embrace Johnson

Republican House candidate and Free State Project sympathizer Kevin Kervick has abandoned his party’s presidential nominee in favor of Libertarian Gary Johnson. The New Hampshire Libertarian Party has apparently qualified for the November general election despite Republican efforts to keep them off the ballot. The Rockingham District 30 candidate took to Patch to explain why […]

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