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Raising The Minimum Wage Helps Seniors And Boosts The Social Security Trust Fund

Testimony On Raising The Minimum Wage From Lucy Edwards, President of the NH Alliance For Retired Americans The following statement was e-mailed to the House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee for the hearing on the minimum wage bills. While retirement security may not be the first thing that you consider when you think about […]

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Make Your Voice Heard On Raising The Minimum Wage And Opposing Right To Work

The time is now to stand up for working families.  Over the next two weeks the New Hampshire Legislature will be holding public hearings on raising the minimum wage and the aptly named Right To Work bill. We need everyone to show up and make their voices heard. On Tuesday the 10th the House Labor Committee will […]

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AFT-NH Legislative Update 2-3-15: Kicking Off The Session

The 2015 session of the NH State legislature is underway and as always, there are many bills to follow and monitor.  Some legislative proposals will garner our support but others will earn our enmity and opposition as we defend the interests of our members and of working people in New Hampshire.  As we review proposed […]

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Jackie Cilley: It Is Time To Raise The Minimum Wage

An idea is rapidly gaining force around the country, finding support across the political spectrum. Red states Arkansas, Alaska, South Dakota and Nebraska voted last November to join bright-blue cities like San Francisco and Oakland in its support. President Obama and Mitt Romney have both expressed support and Gov. Maggie Hassan added it to her […]

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AFL-CIO Releases Youth Economic Platform, Leading Up to State of the Union Address

Platform to serve as foundation for upcoming nationwide actions Today, the AFL-CIO Young Worker Advisory Council released its economic platform as part of an effort to build a nationwide youth economic movement for raising wages. The platform, which is being announced on the eve of President Obama’s State of the Union address, is an agenda […]

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After Gov. Hassan’s Inaugural Speech The NH GOP Spread False Talking Points About The Minimum Wage

New Hampshire Republicans Double Down on Opposition to Strengthening Wages for Hard-Working Granite Staters Republicans Use Debunked Claims About Effect of Minimum Wage on Job Creation; Data Shows 2014 Job Creation Grew Faster in States that Raised the Minimum Wage Concord, NH – Following Governor Hassan’s impassioned call for legislators to come together to finally restore […]

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AFL-CIO Announces Raising Wages Summits in Presidential Primary States

 Expanded Campaign in Seven Cities The first National Summit on Raising Wages definitively set the tone for political and economic action in the New Year. It generated an in-depth, diverse conversation and developed concrete steps for an expanded campaign to raise wages for working people. But above all, the summit proved America is beginning to […]

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Progressive NH State Rep To Propose Minimum Wage Increase To $14.25 And Eliminating The “Tipped Minimum Wage”

Representative Jackie Cilley to introduce far-reaching minimum wage legislation Fmr. State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate returns to Concord to pursue middle-class agenda (Barrington, NH) After a four-year absence from the New Hampshire General Court, newly-returned Barrington representative Jackie Cilley announced that her first piece of legislation – and her chief priority in the coming session […]

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