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Kuster Urges House Leadership to Develop and Pass Long-Term Surface Transportation Bill

A long-term bill would provide the certainty needed to support infrastructure investment and economic growth across the country Washington, DC – In a letter to House leadership, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) joined more than 100 Republican and Democratic colleagues in urging support for a long-term surface transportation bill. In the last decade, Congress has passed […]

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AFT-NH Testimony On HB 551 A Bill To Prevent Diversion Of Business Income To Tax Havens

Laura Hainey, President of the New Hampshire American Federation of Teachers (AFT-NH), spoke out in favor of HB 551, a bill to “prevent diversion of business income to tax havens.”  Read her official testimony submitted to the Ways and Means Committee. Dear House Ways and Means Committee Members: AFT-NH represents 4,000 employees in NH, mostly […]

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FACT CHECK: Senate GOP’s False Excuses for Voting to Kill Bill to Ensure Balanced FY 2015

Concord, N.H. – After voting to kill SB 233, a fiscally responsible bill to help ensure the state ends FY 2015 with a balanced budget, Jeanie Forrester and Chuck Morse issued false statements underscoring that they’ve lost all credibility when it comes to fiscal responsibility. See below for a complete fact check of the false […]

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Laura Hainey (AFT-NH): Right To Work Weakens Collective Bargaining And Hurts All Workers

  I am here today to ask that you defeat HB 402-FN: establishing the Franklin Partin right-to-work act. AFT-NH represents 4,000 employees in NH, mostly public employees who work in your cities, towns and school districts. The members of AFT-NH are teachers, Para educators, secretaries, librarians, cafeteria staff, and custodial staff. Some of us are […]

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Dexter Arnold (UAW) Testimony HB 402: Right To Work Is Just Bad Public Policy

Testimony in Opposition to HB 402 Dexter Arnold February 17, 2015 I live in Nashua. I am a member of UAW Local 1981, and I strongly oppose HB 402. HB402 is bad public policy that flunks a truth in advertising test. This bill is not about individual rights, which are already well protected. This bill’s […]

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Linda Horan Statement Against Right To Work Legislation (HB402)

Today the NH House Labor Committee is hearing testimony on HB 402, Right To Work legislation.  Many people are at the State House testifying for this bill.  Linda Horan, a labor activist for many years, sent us her testimony. Statement in Opposition to HB402February 17, 2015 Good afternoon. My name is Linda Horan. I live […]

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Raising The Minimum Wage Helps Seniors And Boosts The Social Security Trust Fund

Testimony On Raising The Minimum Wage From Lucy Edwards, President of the NH Alliance For Retired Americans The following statement was e-mailed to the House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee for the hearing on the minimum wage bills. While retirement security may not be the first thing that you consider when you think about […]

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Capital Gains Proposal Would Generate New Revenue While Reducing Property Tax for Thousands

CONCORD, NH – The House Ways and Means Committee today held a hearing on a proposal that would both raise needed revenue for the state and begin to address the lack of equity in its tax system. HB 634 would expand New Hampshire’s existing interest and dividends tax to include capital gains, generating nearly $100 […]

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