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Governor Hassan Urges Senate Finance Committee to Support Restoring and Increasing New Hampshire’s Minimum Wage

CONCORD – Continuing efforts to strengthen the financial security of hard-working Granite Staters and expand middle class opportunity, Governor Maggie Hassan today submitted a letter to the Senate Finance Committee in support of SB 261, a bill that would restore and increase New Hampshire’s minimum wage.   “Individuals working full-time in New Hampshire should be […]

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Progressive Senators Speak Out Against Provisions Of The Job Killing Trans-Pacific Partnership

Yesterday was a huge day in the US Senate as progressive legislators took to the Senate floor to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). A group of eight Senators spoke out in opposition to the TPP and specifically the “fast tracking” of the TPP. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown opened the parade of speeches by saying, “American […]

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Says Taking On Unions Prepared Him For ISIS (VIDEO)

In “I cannot believe he just said that” news, Governor Scott Walker just told the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that attacking labor unions has prepared him to be a leader in the fight against ISIS. I am not joking this is what he said, as reported by Politico and in the […]

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Transportation Labor Unions Set Comprehensive 2015 Agenda

ATLANTA, GA—The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD) and its 32 affiliated unions waded into every major transportation policy debate in Washington and focused on expanding transportation investments, reforming safety policy, protecting workers’ rights, and rejecting job-killing trade policies. “2015 must be the year when we break the stalemate on funding our badly deteriorated transportation system […]

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Why We Need More People Like Senator Sanders Running For Office, Even If They Don’t Win

Can you believe it? We are only half-way through February of 2015, and we are already talking about the 2016 Presidential Elections. Politics is the un-official sport of the Granite State. We take great pride in holding the First in the Nation Primary. This brings candidates from across the country to our quaint little state […]

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Texas Ruling On Immigration Is Setback But Will Not Stop The AFL-CIO’s Work On Immigration

Late last night, a Texas judge issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the implementation of President Obama’s new deferred action initiatives. These initiatives, announced last November, came in response to more than 10 years of political stalemates and failure by Congress to address America’s broken immigration system and alleviate the pain endured by millions of […]

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Dexter Arnold (UAW) Testimony HB 402: Right To Work Is Just Bad Public Policy

Testimony in Opposition to HB 402 Dexter Arnold February 17, 2015 I live in Nashua. I am a member of UAW Local 1981, and I strongly oppose HB 402. HB402 is bad public policy that flunks a truth in advertising test. This bill is not about individual rights, which are already well protected. This bill’s […]

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Linda Horan Statement Against Right To Work Legislation (HB402)

Today the NH House Labor Committee is hearing testimony on HB 402, Right To Work legislation.  Many people are at the State House testifying for this bill.  Linda Horan, a labor activist for many years, sent us her testimony. Statement in Opposition to HB402February 17, 2015 Good afternoon. My name is Linda Horan. I live […]

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A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service

An exciting new voice has joined the conversation to save the Postal Service. More than 60 national organizations have formed “A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.”  This alliance is made up of national  religious coalitions, retiree groups, progressive groups, and a wide array of unions. These organizations are united in the demand […]

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You Will Not Believe What Wal-Mart is Doing

You have got to be kidding me.   Wal-Mart is rewarding associates who donate money to the Wal-Mart PAC, which works to elect candidates like Speaker John Boehner and Senator Ted Cruz who vehemently oppose raising the minimum wage. In this excellent article (Wal-Mart’s Unusual Rewards for Employees Who Give to Its PAC) by Josh Eidelson, […]

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