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Daily Kos: The fraud that is ‘Fix the Debt’

Mr. Gregg also sits on the boards of Honeywell and IntercontinentalExchange, a company that has warned investors that a tax on financial transactions would lower trading volume and curtail its profits. The two companies paid Mr. Gregg almost $750,000 in cash and stock in 2011. via Daily Kos: The fraud that is ‘Fix the Debt’.

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Huntsman Loses Gregg Endorsement

Comedy gold from John Huntsman (who apparently enjoys the royal “we”) in Hanover: “Let me just say, we’ve been asked occasionally, ‘well, you served President Obama.’ I did serve President Obama, I served my president, my president asked me to serve, in a time of war, in a time of economic difficulty in this country,” […]

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Apropos of Not Much

Something has to give.  The mortgage foreclosure fiasco is turning into an inter-agency donnybrook, with the bank-friendly Fed resisting  efforts by the FDIC to crack down on illegal foreclosure actions by banks.  These squabbles don’t hurt the political elite, they hurt actual homeowners by eliminating tools that they can use to fight the fraud.   […]

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The Stupid That Underlies the Suffering

When Judd Gregg opposed extending jobless benefits back in May, his reasons were rooted in intellectually lazy class stereotypes: Because you’re out of the recession, you’re starting to see growth and you’re clearly going to dampen the capacity of that growth if you basically keep an economy that encourages people to, rather than go out […]

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Bacon Bridge

The Concord Monitor did a piece on Judd Gregg and his legacy of earmarks. A sampling: • $730 million for assorted projects at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. • $230 million to construct a federal prison in Berlin. • $63 million for a coastal research center at the University of New Hampshire. • $56 million to […]

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Spying!!! v. The Tedium of A Hundred Thousand Dead

Each succeeeding Wikileaks docudump leaves me “meh.”  I think I finally know why. We lied about why we invaded a country, ending over a hundred thousand lives before their time, wounding many more, displacing more still. Our chief executive at the time goes on book tours. Senators like Judd Gregg leave the stage with full […]

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