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If that’s what he wants to be, notorious, Scott Brown is on the right track. Now he’s got folks way down south in Louisiana making fun of the fact that he can’t tell the difference between Massachusetts, where he got his political credits, and New Hampshire, where he’s got a summer house. Bad news may […]

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John Sununu: Shameful. You Need To Apologize

John Sununu, you need to apologize.  And you need to mean it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/26/john-sununu-colin-powell-endorsement_n_2020735.html That kind of rhetoric — whether you call it “political analysis” or “gut instinct” or anything else — has no place in our nation's dialogue today.   It's called racism.  Shameful. Let's not do this in the America of the 21st Century.  Let's […]

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Sununu: The Hispanics are more entrepreneurial than Americans

How generous of him to describe The Hispanics in such a favorable light. Look, the Party understands that long-term we’ve got to continue what has been a long effort to reach minority groups like the Hispanics.  And the Hispanics are very entrepreneurial, and to their credit they probably have a better record of being entrepreneurs […]

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Attitude w/ Arnie WNHN 94.7 Mon. Aug.27:Northern PassNOT; Ron Paul does Tampa; Tanning Salons lies

                The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen Monday-Friday 11-1pm re airs between 7-9pm WNHN 94.7FM  streaming live at: nhnewsviewsblues.org             Monday's Attitude (8/27/2012)      11am: The morning puree….Hyper Local NewsDan Tuohy,  Associate Regional Editor Patch.com (NH)        11:30am:Northern Pass NOT…Society for the Protection of NH Forests buys easements to prevent transmission […]

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Their Heads Are Exploding Like Watermelons Hitting Hot Pavement!

TOO HOT TO BE COOL… WASHINGTON — In the span of one morning, top Mitt Romney surrogate John Sununu referred to President Obama as dumb and stupid, called the Chicago political culture from which he came “corrupt,” brought up Obama’s admitted use of marijuana as a kid in Hawaii, resurfaced the name of Tony Rezko […]

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John Sununu tells us how it is. NOT.

This op-ed appears in today’s Boston Globe. http://www.boston.com/bostongl…Our governor makes national news by vetoing the right-to-work-for-less bill but John tells us it’s not over yet. In fact, he says, it’s just starting. Showdown in a corral — er, legislature — in your home state anytime now. Years of sweetheart contracts have given public employees pension […]

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There IS A NH Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Race!

There IS a New Hampshire Democratic Gubernatorial Primary race!  The Concord Monitor has a story about it in today’s (Friday’s) edition.  Try this link, and if it doesn’t work go to the newspaper’s home page and you’ll find it:  http://www.concordmonitor.com/… I helped Paul McEachern in his 2004 challenge to John Lynch.  I had known Lynch […]

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Sununu’s Petty Political Attacks

Mr. Sununu’s petulant comments are partisan politics at its worst. Instead of engaging in a thoughtful conversation or offering any ideas for putting New Hampshire back to work, Mr. Sununu resorted to petty political attacks and childish name-calling. He showed disrespect to the Office of the Presidency.  For someone who served in the White House, […]

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