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N.H. GOP: A criminal subculture of bullying & extortion

An explosive email exchange between New Hampshire GOP chair Jennifer Horn and party treasurer Robert Scott has exposed a profoundly dysfunctional party organization.

The email messages, first reported by James Pindell and published in full by Skip Murphy, document a bitter dispute over Horn’s access to party bank accounts.

The messages begin with Scott accusing Horn of reneging on an agreement not to sign checks on the accounts. Scott claimed they reached the agreement after being advised by the party’s counsel, auditor and insurance agent that Horn’s personal financial troubles could become a liability if she had signing authority.

Horn responded to Scott’s message, not by addressing the issue he raised, but by criticizing Scott for “a pattern of continued FEC mistakes” that occurred during his tenure as party treasurer. “I need to hear from you,” she wrote, “as to what you believe is the best course of action to restore the full faith of the Executive Board and the general membership of our party in the office of Treasurer.”

Things quickly went downhill from there. After several messages defending themselves and attacking the other, Scott denounced Horn for her “attempts to threaten, bully and extort” him to prevent him from performing his duties as treasurer:

I am profoundly disturbed by the criminal quality of this entire affair and the personal abuse that I have had to endure in my attempt to protect the best interest of the NHRSC. The recent development of this criminal subculture of bullying and extortion in our organization … must be openly challenged and cannot be allowed to perpetuate.

These criminals (threats and extortion are illegal) and their thuggery has no place in the NHGOP. If we come to accept this type of psychological violence as standard operating procedure in the NHGOP; what is the next logical step? We are the party of Ronald Reagan not Mario Puzo.

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The GOP Tears Itself Up, Just Not As Much As I Do

The internet is filled with political bloggers. Some lean left, some lean right.  Right now many of these political bloggers are talking about the new GOP “Autopsy” or as the GOP calls it, the “Growth & Opportunity Plan.”   This new report is giving a very in-depth look at what the GOP … Continue reading

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The breathtaking audacity of Jennifer Horn

In a statement opposing Medicaid expansion, New Hampshire Republican Party chair Jennifer Horn declared “we should not abandon good NH programs like CHINS in deference to a federal mandate that will not even be funded.”

Horn, who has a record of rewriting history when it gets in the way of her ideological narrative, blithely ignores the fact that the Republican legislature slashed the CHINS budget to the bone in 2011.

Children in Need of Services (CHINS), which provides services to children with behavioral problems before they escalate to criminal conduct, was one of the most controversial cuts included in the 2012-2013 budget.

The O’Brien-led House proposed eliminating the program entirely before the Senate added back just enough money to handle the most severe cases. The program, which previously helped about 1,000 children a year, now serves only 50.

In the new Legislature, where the Democrats control the House,” writes Ben Leubsdorf, “the CHINS program is getting a fresh look.”

Will Jennifer Horn support Democratic efforts to reinstate the CHINS budget? I’m not holding my breath.

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N.H. GOP in a ‘rut of inconsequentiality’

At the conclusion of Saturday’s Republican State Committee meeting, Jennifer Horn, the party’s new chairwoman declared, “We are a united party. Long-term Republican activist, new voices who have come to effort more recently, we’re walking out the door today united…”

Mary Bonser didn’t get the script. After the meeting, Bonser wrote an open letter to the chair of the Rockingham County Republican Committee resigning from her position as State Committee member and Area 3 Vice Chair. “I will also be leaving the Republican Party,” she wrote.

At the meeting it became clear that the party has no idea that it is in a rut of inconsequentiality and proceeded in major ways to dig the rut deeper….

I can no longer waste my time with a party that operates in a stifling bell jar of delusions of former grandeur. The NH Republican Party is now the pathetic old high school football star that still wears his “letter” jacket and hangs out in the town square as the world leaves him farther and farther behind. The NH Republican Party has lost its way and doesn’t know it, and doesn’t want to know it, and anyone who tries to tell them is marginalized and even demonized.

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Jennifer Horn: We care (all evidence to the contrary)

In her acceptance speech, Jennifer Horn, the New Hampshire Republican Party’s new chairwoman, said Republicans will no longer allow Democrats to define the Republican party. ‘‘We must put to rest forever the idea that the Republican Party is the party that does not care.” she declared.

“…that we don’t care about women,”

House Bill 483.
Requires the physician who performs an abortion … to provide the pregnant woman with certain information at least 24 hours prior to the abortion….
Sponsors: Reps. Cormier (R-Alton), Peterson (R-Merrimack)

House Bill 502
Establishes a higher standard for law enforcement officers to make arrests in domestic violence cases.
Sponsors: Reps. Itse (R-Fremont), Comerford, (R-Fremont), Ulery (R-Hudson), Weyler, (R-Kingston)

“…that we don’t care about children,”

House Bill 384
Requires parental consent prior to a mental health examination in public schools.
Sponsors: Reps. Itse (R-Fremont), Comerford (R-Fremont), Sandblade, (R-Manchester), Jones (R-Rochester)

House Bill 578
Revises the standard for determining parental rights and responsibilities, reducing judicial discretion and eliminating court-appointed guardian ad litem to represent interests of the child
Sponsors: Rep. Oligny, (R-Plaistow), Burt (R-Goffstown), Lambert (R-Litchfield), Sapareto (R-Derry), Itse (R-Fremont)

“…that we don’t care about the most vulnerable among us.”

House Bill 121
Requires drug testing of applicants for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
Sponsors: Reps. LeBrun (R-Nashua), Notter (R-Merrimack)

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“Of course I can get here alot easier now with the new airport access bridge”

Alt 1, Alt 2, Alt 3 A gubernatorial campaign appearance on Nashua Public Access by Kevin Smith, formerly director of Cornerstone.  Near the end (around 33:30 or so) he praises how the “new airport access bridge” made it so much quicker to get to the interview… unless I’m mistaken he’s referring to the Manchester airport […]

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Say Goodbye to your Social Security

They’re too chicken to go after Boomers and seniors – they know it’ll cost them votes.  Instead, New Hampshire Republican candidates for federal office are gunning to loot Gen X-ers and Millenials and the disabled, who they think are paying less attention. Frank Guinta: When it comes to reforming Social Security and other programs, he […]

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