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Senator Cruz Is Not The Only One Who Wants To Shut Down The Government Over The ACA

There are a lot of people talking about the upcoming showdown over the Affordable Care Act and the Continuing Resolution to keep the government running.  Without a budget or a Continuing Resolution the government will be forced to close up shop due to lack of funds. This has been the subject of many previous debates […]

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67 Fraudsters with which our Congresswomen have to deal

Some people are calling them hostage takers. But, I prefer the term fraudster. After all, they have taken a job, with pay, and they’re not carrying it out. The job of a Congress critter is to manage the nation’s man-made and natural resources, including our currency. Rationing, especially of a substance that’s in infinite supply, […]

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Back to the 70’s in my 60’s

The last time I carried a sign in support of Birth control was in 1970 when Bill Baird was in jail.  I was 19 at the time and astounded at the ignorance that prevailed on the issue of choice and birth control.  That battle was, I thought, won and done.  But here I am again […]

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Republican Leadership Redistricting Plan Purposely Defies the New Hampshire Constitution

Representative David Pierce of Etna, Grafton District 9, released the following statements regarding the House Republican leadership plan for reconfiguring House districts that was voted out of committee today. “The Republican Leadership plan to reapportion House districts is unconstitutional.  It violates the New Hampshire Constitution’s guarantee that towns and wards that deserve their own representative […]

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“We Don’t Govern Like This!” – Budget Negotiation Tensions

Today’s Concord Monitor has a lovely piece about the current Committee of Conference going on about the NH budget.  Once again, the House Republican members are trying to drop amendments into the budget at the last minute.  Well, Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Morse took great exception to this under-the-table method, I spent months putting this […]

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