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You Will Not Believe What Wal-Mart is Doing

You have got to be kidding me.   Wal-Mart is rewarding associates who donate money to the Wal-Mart PAC, which works to elect candidates like Speaker John Boehner and Senator Ted Cruz who vehemently oppose raising the minimum wage. In this excellent article (Wal-Mart’s Unusual Rewards for Employees Who Give to Its PAC) by Josh Eidelson, […]

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Senator Shaheen proposes to improve TRICARE

TRICARE is the health insurance program for members of the military and their dependents. As such, it is a Congressional responsibility and entirely appropriate for the Congress to define in the law. On the other hand, even though The Access to Contraception for Women Servicemembers and Dependents Act of 2014, which Senator Shaheen introduced this […]

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Veterans’ Administration, a reminder of Congress’ failure

Part of the impetus for the emphasis on getting universal health care, beginning with Howard Dean’s campaign in 2003 and reinforced by the subsequent election of Carol Shea-Porter to Congress, was the realization that the Iraq war was going to produce a lot more medically needy citizens, because whole families were going to be impacted […]

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Hate to be free.

This morning I’m thinking some people hate to be free. At some level they feel disconnected and decide that’s the way to be. They reject and resist all who would tell them that social is what we are meant to be. And hate what they cannot be. It’s akin to declaring the out of reach […]

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ObamaCare Loves Women: Reactions

Of all of the winners in health reform, women are some of the biggest. And today’s a perfect example of why. Starting today under the Affordable Care Act – ahem, ObamaCare — new private health plans must cover the guidelines on women’s preventive services with no cost sharing (co-pays) in plan years starting on or […]

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Save America

This was published as an op-ed in the July 6, 2012 edition of the Conway Daily Sun newspaper. Election season is here, and the signs are springing up everywhere. One new sign proclaims: Save America, Vote Republican. I’ve reflected on those signs on a number of occasions during the last two weeks.  
After the Supreme […]

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Republican Principles of Health Care Policy

Requiring people to buy health insurance is bad policy and violates the Constitution (lawsuit filed by 26 states under Republican administrations) Medicare must be eliminated and replaced by a system in which people are required to buy health insurance (Ryan budget / policy bill passed by Republicans in House of Representatives) Employers and insurance companies […]

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Frank Guinta Isn’t Working For Women

This is the first video in the series “Frank Guinta Isn’t Working” that I will be releasing over the course of the campaign. I welcome any feedback and suggestions for improving future videos. Transcript below the break. http://frankguintaisntworking…. Matthew Hancock, Democratic candidate for US House of Representatives, NH 1st Congressional District. MH2012.COMWith the ongoing Republican […]

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Jackie on the March, in March

It’s been a whirlwind of activity since the our last roundup – time for an update from the Jackie Cilley campaign! Fresh off their war on women, the O’Brien legislature turned their attention again to an effort that failed last year, the return of so-called “Right to Work.” Jackie’s statement against it read in part: […]

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House GOP: Higher Health Care Costs, RTW, & more Abortion bills

House Democrats were busy today fighting against the radical House GOP social agenda. House Republicans (for the 469th day) have failed to live up to their promise of focusing on jobs and the economy. I know it is a bit long, but I wanted to give you the “highlights”…85 Republican State Reps voted for House […]

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