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ObamaCare Loves Women: Reactions

Of all of the winners in health reform, women are some of the biggest. And today’s a perfect example of why. Starting today under the Affordable Care Act – ahem, ObamaCare — new private health plans must cover the guidelines on women’s preventive services with no cost sharing (co-pays) in plan years starting on or […]

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Breaking News — The Civil War is Over

by Linda Greenhouse (Opinionator): Judicial opinions on the constitutionality of the new health care law are pouring out of the federal courts. With the general expectation that the Supreme Court will have to resolve what is now a clear conflict between two federal courts of appeals, the individual lower-court decisions have pretty much ceased to […]

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Fired For Not Breaking The Law?

This is a complicated story (and back-story), but simple in its core, so let’s try bullet points: * Federal health care reform becomes law, requiring states to set up a health insurance exchange. * State employee, whose job it is to find the most appropriate firm to set that up, creates a proposal system so […]

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House Lessons

Today, House Speaker Bill O’Brien, Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt, and the majority of the House GOP supermajority were given five lessons in government.  They are:1. Take a civics course. From the New Hampshire Supreme Court’s opinion on HB89 (.pdf, pp.9-10): It is the executive, not the legislative branch, in which the constitution vests the “supreme […]

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UNH Poll Misleading on Support in NH for Healthcare Reform

Polling data from around mid-January 2011 from CBS (AP-GfK Poll) contrasts sharply with the University of New Hampshire Survey Center Poll released on February 10.  The most striking difference is the response to the question, Should the reform be repealed.  The UNH poll asks the question, Do you think Congress should try to repeal the […]

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