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More guns equal more gun deaths, in one chart

Today, the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice Committee heard seven hours of testimony on legislation that would change how the state regulates guns. The proposed legislation would require universal background checks for commercial firearms sales (House Bill 650), prohibit the confiscation of firearms during a state of emergency (House Bill 512), repeal the license requirement […]

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Bill to prohibit enforcement of federal firearms laws written by outsider group of ‘nullifier kooks’

Image: tenthamendmentcenter.com A bill sponsored by state Rep. JR Hoell that would prohibit the state from enforcing federal firearms legislation was written by an outside group that advocates “nullification” of federal laws it considers unconstitutional. House Bill 685 would prohibit the state, counties, cities and towns, school districts and special districts from enforcing any federal […]

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Rep. John Burt: MOAR GUNZ!

Image: Mike Marland Fresh off his big win in the New Hampshire House where he convinced lawmakers to permit guns on the House floor and in the gallery, Rep. John Burt has set his sights on his next target: arming the state’s school teachers. “I am working on a bill for next year that would […]

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GOP lawmaker: Anyone who voted for State House gun ban ‘is possibly NOT an American!’

Image: Scott Beale / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0  Yesterday, House lawmakers lifted a two-year ban on firearms on the State House floor and in the gallery. Rep. John Burt (R-Goffstown), who proposed the rule change, said he was concerned about what would happen “if a nut with a gun comes into this chamber.” Burt echoed the […]

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Throwback Thursday: Guns in the State House

Image: archive.org The New Hampshire House rule prohibiting guns in House chambers, which the incoming rules committee has rejected, dates back to 1971. It was first adopted following an armed confrontation between Republican House Speaker Marshall Cobleigh and Rep. Charles “Cap” Gay (R-Derry) over Gay’s seating assignment. Cobleigh described the incident in his 2005 memoir, […]

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GOP lawmakers vote to reverse State House gun ban

Rep. John Burt (Image: youtube.com) The House Rules Committee today approved a proposal to allow lawmakers and members of the public to carry firearms on the House floor and in the visitors’ gallery. The rule change was proposed by Rep. John Burt (R-Goffstown), who attempted to enact a similar proposal in 2013. “If we become […]

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Out of State Special Interests

We’ve survived the recent round of primary elections. The outcomes provided little in the way of surprise to most anyone save for Lawrence Lessig of the MayDay PAC. Lessig is a professor at Harvard who has worked to reduce legal restrictions on copyrights and trademarks. More recently he’s been active in promoting a Constitutional Convention. […]

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Editorial: Would we be having this conversation if Travyon ‘Stood His Ground’?

NLHN Editor’s Note: For many years the labor community has been standing arm in arm with members of the civil rights community.  We have been there to fight against racial discrimination. We have been there to fight sexual discrimination.  Now I am taking a stand on the issue of racial profiling.  Discrimination in any form […]

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Teachers’ Unions Make A Call For Common Sense Gun Reform

Recently we marked the six-month anniversary of the tragedy at Newtown Elementary School, where 20 children and six teachers were murdered.  After that tragedy. millions of Americans began talking about common sense gun reform, include Randi Weingarten (President of AFT) and Lily Eskelsen Garcia (Vice President of NEA). Randi represents the nearly 1.5 million educators […]

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