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GOP lawmakers vote to reverse State House gun ban

Rep. John Burt (Image: youtube.com) The House Rules Committee today approved a proposal to allow lawmakers and members of the public to carry firearms on the House floor and in the visitors’ gallery. The rule change was proposed by Rep. John Burt (R-Goffstown), who attempted to enact a similar proposal in 2013. “If we become […]

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Out of State Special Interests

We’ve survived the recent round of primary elections. The outcomes provided little in the way of surprise to most anyone save for Lawrence Lessig of the MayDay PAC. Lessig is a professor at Harvard who has worked to reduce legal restrictions on copyrights and trademarks. More recently he’s been active in promoting a Constitutional Convention. […]

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Editorial: Would we be having this conversation if Travyon ‘Stood His Ground’?

NLHN Editor’s Note: For many years the labor community has been standing arm in arm with members of the civil rights community.  We have been there to fight against racial discrimination. We have been there to fight sexual discrimination.  Now I am taking a stand on the issue of racial profiling.  Discrimination in any form […]

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Teachers’ Unions Make A Call For Common Sense Gun Reform

Recently we marked the six-month anniversary of the tragedy at Newtown Elementary School, where 20 children and six teachers were murdered.  After that tragedy. millions of Americans began talking about common sense gun reform, include Randi Weingarten (President of AFT) and Lily Eskelsen Garcia (Vice President of NEA). Randi represents the nearly 1.5 million educators […]

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Wrong, Mr. Buckley

An apology from Stella Tremblay won’t fix anything. I appreciate the thought: Chilling, vile, and disgusting. That is the only way to describe Republican State Representative Stella Tremblay’s claim that the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon last week were “attacks by our own Government.” When contacted Tuesday afternoon, she refused to apologize and instead […]

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Petition asks NH chiefs of police to cancel gun raffle

An online petition with nearly 3000 signatures asks the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police to cancel a controversial fundraising raffle. The month-long raffle is scheduled to kick off on May 1 with daily prizes of pistols, rifles and semi-automatic weapons. The police chiefs are holding the Month of NH Made Firearms promotion to raise […]

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Study: ‘Stand your ground’ leads to more homicides

NPR reports researchers who have studied the impact of “stand your ground” laws have determined states with “stand your ground” laws have a higher homicide rate than states without the laws. Texas A&M University economist Mark Hoekstra’s study of crime data from 2000-2010 found that homicides went up by 7% to 9% in states that […]

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