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One Year After Newtown And I Am Still Angry

One Year After Newtown And I Am Still Angry

Author’s Note: Some of you may be wondering what is a labor union advocate doing talking about gun control and Sandy Hook.  The answer is simple.  I have three children who attend an elementary school just like Sandy Hook.  I would also like to point out that two of the largest labor unions in New Hampshire are the teachers unions (NEA-NH and AFT-NH). One year ago we all were stunned by the horrific event at a little elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.  This tragic event that took the lives of twenty innocent school children, and six brave educators.   As Adam … Continue reading

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Editorial: Would we be having this conversation if Travyon ‘Stood His Ground’?

Editorial: Would we be having this conversation if Travyon ‘Stood His Ground’?

NLHN Editor’s Note: For many years the labor community has been standing arm in arm with members of the civil rights community.  We have been there to fight against racial discrimination. We have been there to fight sexual discrimination.  Now I am taking a stand on the issue of racial profiling.  Discrimination in any form should never be tolerated.  Way back in 2010, Melissa Nelson was fired from her job as a dental assistant – because she was ‘too attractive’.  The Iowa Supreme Court recently upheld the termination, ruling that the dentist’s reason for firing her – he was worried … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Unions Make A Call For Common Sense Gun Reform

Teachers' Unions Make A Call For Common Sense Gun Reform

Recently we marked the six-month anniversary of the tragedy at Newtown Elementary School, where 20 children and six teachers were murdered.  After that tragedy. millions of Americans began talking about common sense gun reform, include Randi Weingarten (President of AFT) and Lily Eskelsen Garcia (Vice President of NEA). Randi represents the nearly 1.5 million educators and public employees, including those who worked at Sandy Hook.  I recently heard her speak in support of common sense gun reforms, and relating what happened in Newtown.  She highlighted the heroism of the six AFT educators who gave their lives in attempt to protect … Continue reading

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Wrong, Mr. Buckley

An apology from Stella Tremblay won’t fix anything. I appreciate the thought: Chilling, vile, and disgusting. That is the only way to describe Republican State Representative Stella Tremblay’s claim that the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon last week were “attacks by our own Government.” When contacted Tuesday afternoon, she refused to apologize and instead […]

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Quote of the day: Not looking good

“It is not looking good for maintaining our right to self-defense, anywhere we have a right to be, here in NH. The proponents of HB 135 are making headway. The vote in the House Criminal Justice Committee is expected soon; we think the vote will be close, most likely OTP (ought-to-pass). … If HB 135 passes the House we are doubtful we can stop it in the Senate.”

— Free Stater Rep. Laura Jones (R-Rochester) on House Bill 135, which would repeal New Hampshire’s “stand your ground” legislation

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Petition asks NH chiefs of police to cancel gun raffle

An online petition with nearly 3000 signatures asks the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police to cancel a controversial fundraising raffle. The month-long raffle is scheduled to kick off on May 1 with daily prizes of pistols, rifles and semi-automatic weapons.

The police chiefs are holding the Month of NH Made Firearms promotion to raise money for the New Hampshire Police Cadet Training Academy, a one week program of academics and physical training for teenagers and young adults who want to pursue a career in law enforcement.

The police chief president, Chief Paul T. Donovan, has refused to cancel the promotion but responded to criticism in an open letter acknowledging the “recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut” and extending “deepest sympathies to the families and first responders.”

New Hampshire Chiefs of Police feel the issue with these tragic shootings are ones that are contrary to lawful and responsible gun ownership,” he wrote. “We believe in and support the Second Amendment, and encourage education in the area of firearms safety.” 

The petition, which will be delivered to Chief Donovan, asks the chiefs to “give up the gun giveaway and accept the offer of a buyback of all of the raffle tickets:”

The New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police have received an offer from a concerned citizen’s group to buy out the raffle, covering the price of all tickets sold, and a jeweler is willing to used the melted guns to create items to benefit victims of gun violence. Ask the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police to take the win/win/win option and save lives.

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Study: ‘Stand your ground’ leads to more homicides

NPR reports researchers who have studied the impact of “stand your ground” laws have determined states with “stand your ground” laws have a higher homicide rate than states without the laws.

Texas A&M University economist Mark Hoekstra’s study of crime data from 2000-2010 found that homicides went up by 7% to 9% in states that enacted “stand your ground” legislation relative to those that did not. Hoekstra found no evidence that the laws reduced crime by creating a deterrence for criminals.

To explain the increase in the homicide rate, Hoekstra did not find a corresponding rise in self-defense killings nor an increase in criminals using lethal force. Hoekstra concluded “stand your ground” laws lead to an escalation of violence in otherwise nonviolent situations.

[B]ased on the available data, it appears that crafters of these laws sought to give good guys more latitude to defend themselves against bad guys. But what Hoekstra’s data suggest is that in real-life conflicts, both sides think of the other guy as the bad guy. Both believe the law gives them the right to shoot.

Stanford law professor John Donohue, who has been studying crime and violence for more than two decades, agrees. He says “stand your ground” has become a legal refuge for defendants:

“I’ve been hearing from defense lawyers around the country that if they happen to have a criminal defendant in a stand your ground jurisdiction, pretty much no matter what happens, you can say, ‘Well, I shot the guy, but I felt threatened and had a reasonable basis for fearing injury to myself,’ ” he said.

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Bonus quote of the day: Those poor criminals

Criminals have a real hard time in public when we are armed and do not have to run. Rep Shurtleff wants us to run first. This will give the criminals a second chance. Those poor criminals this past year. How they worry who and who does not have a gun. Rep Shurtleff’s HB 135 bill will help them a lot. Maybe we should support his bill to help the criminals sleep a little better at night.

— GOP State Rep. John Burt on House Bill 135, which would repeal the state’s “stand your ground” legislation

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Three to One

NEC Poll: #NH voters want assault weapons banned. Favor gun ban 72%-24%, background checks 80%-16% #nhpolitics tmblr.co/ZlcQGycY4NBj — William Tucker (@miscellanyblue) January 24, 2013 Carol Shea Porter has been public with her support of the President’s Proposals. Dean Barker is keeping up his twitter pressure on the rest of our electeds to get behind the […]

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