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Sorg: Immigrants want government to ‘give you stuff’

After Latinos overwhelming voted for Pres. Obama, Republicans are bowing to political reality and embracing immigration reform. Former state Rep. Gregory Sorg (R-Easton) didn’t get the memo. On NHPR’s The Exchange, he told host Brady Carlson that he is skeptical of achieving immigration reform under “a President who has said that the function of government […]

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Sorg’s Laughable Argument Against “One Man, One Vote”

In a letter to the House Special Committee on Redistricting, state Rep. Gregory Sorg argues that the Supreme Court’s “one man, one vote” standard is “fundamentally wrong” and criticizes Chief Justice Earl Warren for his lack of experience with, and hostility to, the political process. Chief Justice Warren was fundamentally wrong — as judges almost always […]

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The Sorg Report – The Casual Cruelty of O’Brien’s Majority

I just read through the Sorg Report, the work of the Joint Committee To Review State Participation in Federal Grant In Aid Programs. The duties of this committee were set forth in HB590: to identify the statutory authority for each federal grant-in-aid program in which the state participates. The committee shall then assess the value […]

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Too Sexy For The Constitution

Representative Gregory Sorg, R-Grafton, on the catwalk.This is old news at this point, but it’s worth repeating: a salient quote from this article in The Dartmouth highlighted by an anonymous commenter on The Dartmouth‘s site (which I found repeated in this thread on the site MetaFilter^ and which shows up all over the internet now […]

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What Prejudice Looks Like

Much has already been made about yesterday’s hearing on the bills that would disenfranchise young people from voting.  Still, I don’t want to move on before sharing this observation. First, note how the bills’ sponsor, Republican Rep. Gregory Sorg, described college students in his testimony.  They are: “transient inmates … with a dearth of experience […]

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