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Free Staters Behaving Badly

Back story: a Manchester right wing talk show host put a poll up on is web site for people to vote on who should be the person of the year for greater Manchester. A Manchester police officer, Dan Doherty, who was badly wounded but survived a shooting in 2012 was nominated, as was a free stater whom I’ve never […]

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Shilled By A State GOP Political Shell Game

Do you like to play shell games? No? Why not? Because in the end, you lose your money. Well, the state legislature is playing a shell game with your tax money, and finally, after all the deceptiveness has ended, you’re going to lose. Republicans have proposed and strongly support the State Senate’s Education Tax Credit […]

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Republican Representative Dismayed by Own Incompetence

Tea Party Republican Representative Fred Leonard of Rochester was disgusted with himself after learning that his draconian county budget proposal would actually cut Strafford County programs.  The irresponsible budget championed by Leonard resulted in the loss of the Cooperative Extension Program, including important educational programs on parenting, nutrition, and gardening.  But what has Leonard most […]

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