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The Free-Keene “Robin Hoods” Appear In Court Over Harassment Charges

In May, the NH Labor News did a story about how Free-Staters in the Keene Area (Free-Keene) were causing problems with the local parking enforcement officers. The Free-Staters say they are doing a good thing by putting a quarter into a meter so a stranger will avoid getting a parking ticket.  That would be all well and good, if that was all that was happening. The parking enforcement officers and the City see this as a matter of harassment.  Officers say the Free-Staters follow them around, videotape them, surround them, intimidate them, and push them. If you want more detailed … Continue reading

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Keene City Manager Opposes Harassment of PEOs By Free-Keene ‘Robin Hoods’

A fed days ago the NHLN wrote the story “Free Keene from ‘Free-Keene’: A Story Of Harassment In The Workplace“. The problem is that these ‘robin hood’ members are harassing the Parking Enforcement Officers, and this needs to stop.  Yesterday the Keene City Manager, John MacLean, sent this letter to … Continue reading

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Free Keene from ‘Free-Keene’: A Story Of Harassment In The Workplace

If you live in New Hampshire you have probably heard about the Free State Project (FSP).  This group of Libertarians who vowed to bring 20,000 members to New Hampshire in an effort to increase their personal freedoms.  ”What I propose is a Free State Project, in which freedom-minded people of all … Continue reading

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Support for Rep. Chase from Granite State Progress

Zandra Rice Hawkins  on the dust up regarding Rep Chase’s Comment regarding the Free State Movement in NH and the failed attempt at censure for those comments. “Representative Chase has every right to shine a bright light on the extreme and misleading tactics of the Free State Project. The ultra-extreme Free State Project’s stated purpose is to move […]

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Quote of the day: I totally agree

Pardon me for weighing into a pissing contest which I had hoped to avoid, but I totally agree with Peter Sullivan, D-Manchester, that 120 so-called free staters who have filed a petition against free speaker Rep. Cynthia Chase, D-Keene, should go pound sand!

— GOP state Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, responding to Rep. Sullivan’s tweet defending Rep. Chase.

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There is no right to know

Over the last several days, I have been trying, via Twitter, to get @FreeStateNH to tell me which candidates running for the NH House are members of the Free State Project.  They have boasted there are 14 FSP members currently serving in the NH House. But they keep telling me FSP is not political.  I […]

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LTE: Free Staters go too far

I am a candidate for the NH House in Hillsborough County district 39: Deering, Goffstown and Weare. My Republican opponent is Free State Project member and 2011 NHLA 'Legislator of the Year' Mark Warden. The Free State Project has disturbed me for years, for a number of reasons. I've tried to peg it down in […]

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Visions for the Future of the FSP

In 2001, Jason Sorens penned his first Free State Project Manifesto. He stated the goals of the project: What I propose is a Free State Project, in which freedom-minded people of all stripes (libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, pacifists, even people who just call themselves liberals or conservatives – the only requirement is that you pledge that you […]

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Meet the Candidates – Manchester’s Free Staters and other Friends of Liberty

"The Top Ten Reasons The Mafia Is Better Than The State" That’s the title of a rant written by Emily Sandblade, co-winner of the Manchester primary yesterday for Ward 11 alderman.  She’s a Free State Project immigrant from Washington State.  Here’s a picture of her burning a Federal Reserve Note – I guess she wants […]

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