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Bill O’Brien slams Frank Guinta after congressman pleads for increased mental health funding

Image: Mark Nassal / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Speaking before the annual conference of the New Hampshire affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness last week, Congressman Frank Guinta made an emotional plea for increased state funding to help treat those with mental illness. Guinta, who has been a caregiver to a family member with […]

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Letter To The Editor: The Shadows that Follow Congressman Guinta

Reference Election 2014, the Associated Press (AP) just reported that Congressman Guinta has new problems. “U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta is once again on the radar of the Federal Election Commission for failing to follow campaign finance disclosure rules.” And last fall, candidate Guinta stated in a political ad that Carol Shea-Porter was lying, that he was “100 percent” cleared […]

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Third Way Democrat looks to First District race

Image: draftshawnnh.org When we last checked in on Bedford lawyer and businessman Shawn O’Connor, the “Third Way” Democrat was gearing up to take on U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte in her 2016 re-election bid. Now it looks as if he’s turned his attention to the state’s 1st District congressional seat. “I am exploring all of my […]

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GOP state representative from Nottingham resigns

U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta and Brian Dobson (Image: facebook.com) The Forum reports state Rep. Brian Dobson resigned from the New Hampshire House of Representatives on the first day of the new session. In November, the Nottingham Republican defeated incumbent Maureen Mann by a 3,934-3,256 margin in Rockingham District 32. The single-member floterial district comprises the […]

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Why do Republicans oppose education reform?

Image: youtube.com/nh1.com An article in The Atlantic highlights the innovative student-centered learning approach being pioneered in Pittsfield, N.H. Seven years after the high school was identified as one of the state’s lowest-performing, fewer students are dropping out, more are graduating and attending college. The program, in which Pittsfield is an incubator for an important experiment […]

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Debate follies: Frank Guinta refuses to repeat call to abolish the IRS

Image: nh1.com During an August debate with the Republican candidates for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, Frank Guinta was asked a direct question and he gave a direct answer. “Do you believe that the IRS should be abolished, Mr. Guinta? asked the moderator. “Yes,” replied Guinta. Audio: nh01RawFootage In last night’s televised NH1 […]

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Know Your Candidates

The midterm primary elections are coming up on September 9. In a state where most of the media skews to the right, getting an accurate picture of candidates can be challenging. One must go beyond the conventional (newspaper and TV) sources and dig a little deeper. Candidate research is crucial in order to avoid electing […]

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About The Debates, And A Mention About My Big Brother John Splaine

Democratic candidates nationally, statewide, and locally have it so over the Republican candidates in all these debates. Okay, I’m somewhat biased, but I think that an objective view might come to the same conclusion. In the final three days of this final week before Election Day, I’ve maxed out on debate-watching. But to me it […]

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