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Mr. Speaker, the Justice Department will Protect Our Rights Even if You Won’t

The Justice Department has rejected South Carolina’s law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, saying it makes it harder for minorities to cast ballots. This is the first voting I.D. law to be rejected by the Feds in almost 20 years. fromHuffPo The Obama administration said South Carolina’s law didn’t meet the […]

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John Kacavas: A Timely, Courageous Decision On Medical Marijuana

It’s great timing, and courageous leadership, that United States Attorney John Kacavas has said that his office won’t prosecute people who are using small amounts of marijuana for medical purposes.  He referred to the limited resources in his department in light of many significant priorities, and his announcement follows a declaration by U.S. Attorney General […]

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GOP Literally Obstructing Justice

(Jim did a little (very little) reporting. Cross-posted from Blue News Tribune.) Eric Holder has already shown signs of being an ass-kicking attorney general, and it’s clear that the GOP dustup over his role in the Marc Rich pardon was just dust. Or rather, it was the beginning of a negotiation process. Some senators were […]

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