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The Very Model of a Democratic Party

That’s what we have in the Strafford County Democratic Committee in New Hampshire. That’s what accounts for the county being a bastion of democrats in a sea of pink (New Hampshire Republicans are wishy-washy when they are not plain crazy). The Strafford County Democrats are better than little league baseball, which can only be played […]

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Bad Habits?

I’ve been wondering if some of the Cons’ relianace on euphemisms isn’t just a habit of repeating “things that sound nice” or the conventional wisdom. Perhaps they aren’t intending to deceive. Maybe it’s just a matter of repeating what they hear, like someone who’s memorized the lines in a foreign phrase book.

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Campaign Issues

This is a nice compilation of sound-bites.  It’s recently occurred to me that, if it’s true that 35% of American adults are functionally illiterate, those are people who don’t like to read (most people don’t like what they’re not good at) and prefer to get their news aurally.  That’s why they tune in to talk […]

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On Holding Down The Conversational Fort, Or, Jobs, Republicans, And Hooey

As the next Congressional fight over payroll tax extensions and unemployment benefits and pipelines gets set up in the next few weeks for either its final chapter or to be kicked down the road a bit farther, one or the other, you’re going to hear a lot from our Republican friends about how much they […]

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On Doing Better Than 50%, Or, Could More “Made In USA” Mean More Jobs?

We gotta grow some jobs, and that’s a fact, and we probably aren’t going to be able to do it with big ol’ jobs programs funded by the Federal Government, what with today’s politics and all, and that means if this Administration wants to stay in the jobs game they’re going to have to find […]

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On Speaking To Power, Or, When Sanity’s Gone, There’s Always Satire

So everybody’s hearing the news, right? There is a tentative debt ceiling deal, and this Administration and Congressional Democrats seem to have won everything they wanted: Republicans get to have multiple “we don’t approve” votes before 2012 on raising the debt ceiling, there won’t be any new revenue, there’s going to be another “hostage-taking” event […]

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On Running Your Own Government, Or, Why Pay The Military?

I have not been talking about the insanity around the debt ceiling and debt and deficit and the efforts of Republicans to drive us all off the cliff, but I am today – and I’m going to do it by allowing you to grab ahold of this problem and see for yourself just how unbelievably […]

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