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Veterans’ Administration, a reminder of Congress’ failure

Part of the impetus for the emphasis on getting universal health care, beginning with Howard Dean’s campaign in 2003 and reinforced by the subsequent election of Carol Shea-Porter to Congress, was the realization that the Iraq war was going to produce a lot more medically needy citizens, because whole families were going to be impacted […]

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Beyond Annoying

Why is it that all around the country Democrats have hired fund raisers whose standard spiel is one of doom and gloom? Why, in addition, do they insist on insulting the electorate, first by suggesting elections (not just some candidates) can be bought and then pushing the argument that citizens should send money so Democrats […]

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Right-Wing PAC Makes False Claims About Medicare Advantage To NH Seniors

Right-Wing PAC Makes False Claims About Medicare Advantage To NH Seniors

We are a mere 241 days from the 2014 elections, and the hard right super PAC’s are already spreading lies throughout New Hampshire. Recently the conservative super PAC YG Network sent an unsolicited mailer to the constituents of NH First Congressional district, currently represented by Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter. The YG Network describes themselves on their website as: “A non-profit 501(c)(4) dedicated to supporting conservative center-right policies and the efforts of policymakers who fight for those policies. By seeking solutions that create jobs, encourage innovation, instill fiscal discipline, establish a patient-centered health care system and pursue energy security, we can foster … Continue reading

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“I believe I’m going to be a Democrat”

That’s the report from Kentucky as detailed in the Washington Post about what’s happening at the clinics that were set up first under the ACA after Carol Shea-Porter arrived in D.C. Soon, Ronald Hudson walked in. “Okay,” Lively began. “What Hudsons are you kin to?” “R.T., Uncle Lenny . . .” said Hudson, a skinny 35-year-old who […]

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Kuster charts a ‘bipartisan’ course

2nd District Congresswoman Ann Kuster is one of six House Agriculture Committee Democrats who voted with the Republican majority and approved legislation last week that would deregulate Wall Street derivatives.

Huffington Post reports the proposed legislation “would expand taxpayer support for derivatives and create broad new trading loopholes allowing banks to shirk risk management standards created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank bill:”

Prior to the vote, the top Democrat on the Agricultural Committee, Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.), gave a speech warning that the legislation could repeat the deregulation debacles of the 1990s.

“You’re putting taxpayers on the hook…. At the time we did the Modernization Act, there were $80 billion in swaps, in derivatives. We gave ‘em legal certainty, we eliminated the regulation requirements, and it went to $700 trillion and it blew up on us. So just be careful: You can vote any way you want, but this could come back and haunt you.”

Kuster’s vote repeats a pattern of siding with House Republicans on key legislation.

Kuster, who represents the more Democratic of the the state’s two congressional districts, was one of 86 Democrats who crossed party lines in January and supported a Republican measure that tied a raise in the debt ceiling to congressional pay.

Kuster said she voted for the measure to “remove the immediate threat of default and ensure that America will continue to meet its obligations.” 1st District Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted against the bill. “The debt ceiling should not be tied to any political issue, no matter how desirable the goal may be,” she explained.

In February, Kuster again split with Shea-Porter and joined 43 Democrats who voted with the Republican majority to block a 0.5% pay raise for federal workers. “Leadership should concentrate on closing loopholes and reforming the tax code instead of shrinking middle class wages,” said Shea-Porter.

In a series of budget votes last week, Kuster was one of 35 Democrats who crossed the aisle and voted against the Senate Democratic budget and one of 28 who voted against the House Democratic budget. Kuster said the budget proposals did not “reflect the type of bipartisan compromise that New Hampshire families expect and deserve.”

Shea-Porter supported the Democratic budgets, noting they would “protect the middle class by investing in things like education, transportation, and research and development” and would “reduce the deficit in a balanced manner that closes tax loopholes, replaces sequestration’s irresponsible cuts, keeps our commitment to seniors, and cuts spending through a targeted and steady approach.“

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Sabato rating: NH1 toss-up, NH2 leans Democratic

In its debut House ratings for the 2014 cycle, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball identifies New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District as one of just seven toss-up races.

That’s an improvement for Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter. In ratings updated just before the 2012 election, editor Kyle Kondik handicapped the race as “Leans Republican” and wrote that he favored incumbent Frank Guinta to “hang on” against Shea-Porter.

Congresswoman Ann Kuster is also listed as one of the 69 House members who is, at least potentially, vulnerable. The state’s 2nd Congressional District is rated as “Leans Democratic.”

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Emily’s List endorses Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

In its first endorsement of the 2014 electoral cycle, Emily’s List threw its support behind Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, calling her a “truly remarkable leader” who has been a “champion for women, working families, and veterans.”

Stephanie Schriock, Emily’s List president, said the 2012 election proved women voters want leaders like Shaheen who will fight for equal pay and violence prevention legislation. “Republicans, she said, “haven’t gotten the message, and are doubling down on their anti-woman platform” that would “roll back the clock on women’s rights and opportunities.” That’s why Emily’s List is determined to send Shaheen back to Washington, she said.

In the 2011-2012 cycle, the group supported Congresswomen Carol Shea-Porter and Ann Kuster and Gov. Maggie Hassan, raising over $540,000 for the three candidates and spending $550,000 in independent expenditures.

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NH Congresswomen Vote For Sandy Relief Bill

Today, almost 80 days after Hurricane Sandy ripped apart much of the Northeast, Congress has finally approved the full relief package.  I am please to report that both Congresswoman Shea-Porter and Congresswoman Kuster voted for the relief bill. The bill passed today, the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013, provides relief to families and businesses […]

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About The Debates, And A Mention About My Big Brother John Splaine

Democratic candidates nationally, statewide, and locally have it so over the Republican candidates in all these debates. Okay, I’m somewhat biased, but I think that an objective view might come to the same conclusion. In the final three days of this final week before Election Day, I’ve maxed out on debate-watching. But to me it […]

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