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N.H. GOP chair in more honest days: ‘Donald Trump is not a credible candidate for President’

Image: youtube.com/bostonherald Yesterday, former House Speaker Bill O’Brien and his shadow caucus hosted a house party for billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump, who once again claims to be exploring a presidential bid. O’Brien, who has reportedly asked potential Republican presidential candidates for up to $50,000 for the privilege of appearing before the dissident lawmakers, […]

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State House review: Democrats team up with Republican minority to win key votes

Image: Zach Stern / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Congressional Republicans have an unwritten policy, the Hastert Rule, whereby the House Speaker will not bring a bill to the floor unless a majority of the majority party supports it. The New Hampshire House has no such provision. Coincidentally, the same week that U.S. House Speaker Boehner was […]

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O’Brien’s shadow caucus funded by out-of-state corporate interests — and presidential wannabes

Image: facebook.com Former House Speaker Bill O’Brien, who is leading the caucus of dissident Republicans who have rejected the leadership team appointed by Speaker Shawn Jasper, still plans to open an office across the street from the State House. Last month, O’Brien told the Concord Monitor that the group’s activities will be funded by the […]

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The Real Republican Agenda To Pass Right To Work In NH

Why is the NH Republican Party pushing so hard for their so-called “Right To Work” legislation? Is it about jobs? Hardly. It has been proven time and time again that passing “Right To Work” legislation is not the magic job-creator that the Republicans claim it to be. If passing “Right To Work” had some type […]

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NH GOP Clown Car Derails in Iowa

Mr. O’Brien went to Iowa and displayed all of the charm and charisma that have made him a legend in New Hampshire:O’Brien introduced himself to Iowa as the present Republican NH House Leader. Bet the guy who was actually elected to the position was sur…

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‘Our party is more united than it’s ever been’ — all evidence to the contrary

Image: Steve Garvie / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 In 2011, when state Rep. Susan Emerson proposed a budget amendment restoring social service cuts, then-Speaker Bill O’Brien accused her of not being a real Republican. “He threatened to kick me out of the Republican caucus, said I wasn’t a Republican,” the longtime Rindge representative told the Concord […]

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Committee chair answers O’Brien, says he asked Jasper to remove lawmaker with felony conviction

Image: J. Stephen Conn / CC BY-NC 2.0  The chairman and vice-chairman of the House Criminal Justice Committee asked Speaker Jasper to remove Rep. Albert “Max” Abramson (R-Seabrook) from the committee after learning of his 2012 felony conviction. In an email to Republican lawmakers, Rep. John Tholl (R-Whitefield) wrote that he was compelled to set […]

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O’Brien blasts Jasper for removing lawmaker with felony conviction from criminal justice panel

Image: Zach Stern / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Former House Speaker Bill O’Brien has attacked Speaker Shawn Jasper over his decision to remove a lawmaker with a felony conviction from the House Criminal Justice Committee. Rep. Albert “Max” Abramson, who moved to New Hampshire in 2004 as one of the first 1000 individuals to sign the […]

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