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Portsmouth Herald: ‘O’Brien for Congress is a bad joke’

An editorial in the Portsmouth Herald doesn’t mince words. The paper says the announcement by former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien that he is considering a run for Congress in the 2nd district “is a bad joke:”

O’Brien’s two years as N.H. speaker were some of the most divisive, spiteful and unproductive in recent memory.

As House speaker: he pushed gun laws that would allow felons and the mentally ill to possess weapons in their homes; he tried unsuccessfully to repeal same-sex marriage, which is now the law of the land in New Hampshire and is poised to gain further federal recognition; he worked hard to take away women’s hard-won legal reproductive rights; and he treated with contempt not just Democrats but members of his own party who didn’t drink the same Kool-Aid he was drinking.

O’Brien’s possible candidacy for the Second District Congressional seat serves as a litmus test for whether Republicans learned any lessons in the 2012 elections. Clearly, if he’s nominated, it will be proof that the N.H. GOP didn’t hear the voters’ clear message.

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RTW Part Deux Redux

Susan has a run down of the proceedings of the RTW Bill (HB 32) as it came before  House Labor, Industrial, and Rehabilitative Services Committee yesterday (1/30/13) Obie tells us that NH will either be left behind in a Northeast that is a forced union part of the country, or join and enjoy the benefits […]

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Next chapter in O’Brien’s right to work obsession

Once again, former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien is sponsoring right to work legislation — despite conceding that it has no chance of becoming law this session. Susan Bruce was on hand to cover today’s hearing by the House Labor Committee:

[View the story “Here we go again: Right to work hearing” on Storify]

Here we go again: Right to work hearing

They’re filing in for RTW hearing, room 305/307 at the LOB. No sign of O’Brien yet.susanthe

O’Brien appears! He’s sitting in my row. #rtwforlesssusanthe

The room is filling up. Hearing beginning. #nhrtwsusanthe

O’Brien beginning to speak. #nhrtwsusanthe

The reasons are “liberty” based and economic based, says O’Brien. #nhrtwsusanthe

Dissertation on who Franklin Partin is. His religious beliefs prevented him from joining a union. #personalresponsibility?susanthe

Facts don’t matter to the emotional defenders of unions. #obiebaloney #nhrtwsusanthe

Obie says young people are leaving NH, because jobs aren’t being created. #nhrtw #nhgopclowncarsusanthe

O’Brien does elaborate tap dance to avoid answering question of how high the wages are in rtw states. #nhrtwsusanthe

Rep. Weed asks Obie if young people are leaving due to high tuition. “I”ve seen no data on that,” sez Obie. #nhrtwsusanthe

Rep, Mark Warden compares rtw to a woman’s right to choose and marriage equality. Choice is good for society. #FSP #nhrtwsusanthe

As a liberty guy, I’m all about freedom. Rep. Mark Warden Praises those who refused to be bullied. #fspwingnuttery #nhrtwsusanthe

Warden can’t answer technical questions. Wants to speak about the liberty aspects of this issue. #FSP #nhrtwsusanthe

Rep. Cebrowski bemoans the lack of state revenue. Irony sticks her head in the oven. #nhrtwsusanthe

RTW will differentiate us from other states sez Cebrowski. We need more revenue. #nhrtw #nhgopclowncarsusanthe

Time for Baldasaro. #nhgopclowncar #rtwsusanthe

We stand for freedom here in NH, says Al Baldasaro. Unless you’re a woman or a homosexual. #nhgopclowncar #nhrtwsusanthe

“A vote against this is a vote against the little guy”. Al Baldasaro. #nhgopclowncarsusanthe

Baldasaro’s daughter works in Boston. Won’t come home because nothing is here. MA is not a rtw state. #nhgopclowncar #nhrtwsusanthe

Al Baldasro is very concerned about “the little people.” Apparently low wage jobs is the way to take care of them. #nhrtwsusanthe

“I’m not a rocket scientist.” Al Baldasaro. #nhrtwsusanthe

Baldasaro’s anecdotes are all about other states. He has no work experience in NH. #nhrtwsusanthe

Ray Buckley up now. #nhrtwsusanthe

Low wages do not spur hiring – Ray Buckley. #nhrtwsusanthe

Coos Rep. supports RTW. Cost of living lower in RTW states. #nhwinter??susanthe

Coos Rep: RTW is a way to empower workers. #nhgopclowncarsusanthe

Mark McKenzie, NH AFL-CIO speaking now. #nhrtwsusanthe

If you go after my people who work hard and go thru apprenticeship programs you’re going against the best interests of the state. mckenziesusanthe

Rep. Infantine just used the phrase “no tickee no washee.” #righttobigotrysusanthe

O’Brien still at the hearing. Oh, right – he refused a committee assignment. Beneath him. #nhrtwsusanthe

Former Rep. Walsh stopped supporting RTW last session, and lost his election. #nhrtwsusanthe

Rep. Walsh: “all those emails about union thugs? Turns out the thugs aren’t in the unions.” #nhrtwsusanthe

Former Rep. Scott from Dover: Auto companies have all gone to RTW states. #INFRASTRUCTURE #TAXBREAKSsusanthe

Free stater compares the fight for RTW to the fight against slavery. Grandiose much?#freedumb #libertea #nhrtwsusanthe

Obie said opposition to RTW has “religious overtone.” Rev. McKinney is schooling him about how this is a religious issue. Quoting MLK.susanthe

Americans for Prosperity guy: RTW will protect the NH advantage. #nhrtwsusanthe

AFP guy claims RTW states have lower poverty rates. I know thats BS. #RTWsusanthe

Rep. Coulombe asks AFP guy why nonunion businesses leaving NH? AFP: lack of qualified applicants, energy costs?susanthe

Rep. Coulombe: wouldn’t those be the driving reasons for business NOT to locate here? #nhrtw #rtwmagicunicornsusanthe

John Kalb of NE RTW cites Goldman Sachs as a stellar example of a non-union shop. #clowncar #nhrtwsusanthe

Dave Lang – self confessed union boss: If you think I can bully firefighters, I have some ladder guys you need to meet”#nhrtwsusanthe

Hearing now officially closed. NH RTWsusanthe

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Bill O’Brien: Union bosses blocking right to work

Former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien took to Facebook to gin up attendance for a Wednesday morning committee hearing on right to work legislation.

It’s not going to pass, he concedes, because “union bosses” are calling the shots:

Clearly, it will not pass this session because the House majority Democrat party, receiving at times upwards to 60% of its funding from unions, is in effect the political wing of the unions and the current batch of union bosses is dependent on funding that is inflated by forced membership and fees.

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Quote of the day: Bill O’Brien’s control

New Hampshire voters soundly rejected former House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s radical agenda last fall. Undeterred, Bill O’Brien reintroduced so-called “Right-to-Work” legislation and is even considering a run for statewide office. And on Saturday, Bill O’Brien’s control over the New Hampshire Republican Party was evident as he was chosen to nominate Jennifer Horn as their Party Chair.

Ray Buckley, New Hampshire Democratic Party chair

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About The Debates, And A Mention About My Big Brother John Splaine

Democratic candidates nationally, statewide, and locally have it so over the Republican candidates in all these debates. Okay, I’m somewhat biased, but I think that an objective view might come to the same conclusion. In the final three days of this final week before Election Day, I’ve maxed out on debate-watching. But to me it […]

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Skewed Email

State Representative Rick Watrous, June: On Monday evening (June 11), Speaker of the NH House William O’Brien sent out an email to all 400 state representatives alerting them that he will now be enforcing a strict policy prohibiting certain speech on the legislative email list service. The Computer Use Policy, designed for legislative employees, states: […]

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Primary colors: NH GOP purges ‘moderates’

You can add “moderate Republican” to your list of favorite oxymorons. In last Tuesday’s Republican primary, a concerted effort by conservative special interest groups successfully targeted GOP lawmakers who failed to toe the ideological line on issues ranging from right to work and RGGI to marriage equality. House Speaker Bill O’Brien, who easily won his […]

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This is a little awkward

The NH Young Republicans just announced the venue for their annual lobster bake.  It is in… Maine!    Join the New Hampshire Young Republicans & NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien!   For a fun day of Food, Rides, Attractions, and Politics!   Saturday September 1st from 10AM to 6PM at the Aquaboggan Water Park. Located […]

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