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Cruzin’ For Unlimited Cash

Ted Cruz was busy in NH over the weekend. At one event he was working hard to ensure that a  three year old grows up to become a Democrat. Cruz thinks there should be no limits  on political cash: Unlimited political cash would give rank-and-file conservative activists greater sway in picking their representatives, including the president..So people who don’t have […]

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Substandard Housing in Manchester, NH

The peeling lead paint from the railing falls on the steps, where it travels into apartments where children live. Union Leader reporter Mark Hayward  has a story in today’s paper about a building in Manchester that was declared unfit for human habitation:Nearly a month after Manchester building officials deemed an apartment building unfit for human habitation, […]

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New Hampshire’s National Historic Site

On Saturday I went to the  Saint Gaudens National Historic Site. I’ve always wanted to see it, but never managed to get there.I love that we have a National Historic Site in our back yard. We went on two tours while we were there, a tour of A…

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This is What Pledge Politics Looks Like

Today in the Concord Monitor:The Sewalls Falls Bridge will close earlier than expected, but its replacement could be delayed. The Concord City Council voted in March to tear down the nearly 100-year-old bridge and build a new one in its place. The bridge was scheduled to close when construction began in the spring. Based on the […]

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Know Your Candidates

The midterm primary elections are coming up on September 9. In a state where most of the media skews to the right, getting an accurate picture of candidates can be challenging. One must go beyond the conventional (newspaper and TV) sources and dig a little deeper. Candidate research is crucial in order to avoid electing […]

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NH Economic Development Program

Whether our political subdivisions ought to be in the business of promoting business is questionable. Well, at least, Republicans have long asserted that government should stay out of business, even as they rely almost exclusively on the currency our federal government provides. I guess what they mean is that they want to use it, but […]

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Raise the Wage Campaign–Constituent Meeting with Sen. Boutin

New Hampshire’s minimum wage has not kept up with the cost of living for more than 30 years, and is currently stalled at $7.25 an hour – or less than $300 a week for full-time workers. It’s time for New Hampshire to address the plight of 76,000 Granite State workers and raise the minimum wage. The NH House of Representatives already passed HB 1403; it’s important that Senators hear from you about public support for the bill. Here are two important opportunities to speak directly to Senators:

This event is being coordinated by the Raise the Wage New Hampshire Coalition. RSVP to Caitlin at (603) 225-2471 or caitlin@granitestateprogress.org.

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