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20,000 political activists to move to state in 2015-2016?

Bill Tucker flagged this over on MiscellanyBlue.  The Free Staters are agressively trying to hit their 20,000 “mover” mark in 2014, which would trigger them all to lemming into New Hampshire.  They have almost 14,000 people pledged to move here now.  I'm sure there are probably some in the 20,000 who won't move when the […]

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Would you buy vegetables from this guy?

If you owned a business, would you name it the “Democratic Grocery Store” or “Libertarian Hardware”? I mean, how dumb would that be? Well, we now have the “Free State Farm” CSA (community supported agriculture). Welcome to Stupidville. In the comments section at this link, a very interesting legal document was posted by Jan. Way […]

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