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GOP Gerrymanders Its Way To Victory

This is America, right? Every vote counts. Well, thanks to the magic of gerrymandering,it turns out some votes count more than others. Gerrymandering is the process of drawing political boundaries to favor one’s own party. Every 10 years, political redistricting occurs – new boundaries are drawn. Within most states, the process is regulated by the […]

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GOP Uses Voter Suppression in 2012 Election

Raking leaves relaxes the mind and soothes the body after a hectic political campaign. But I can’t quite get the election out of my head.  Something’s still bothering me. Even in politics, there is an unwritten code of ethics governing at least few things. Even in the most vile, dirty, roll-in-the-gutter campaigns, candidates refrain from […]

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Sununu: The Hispanics are more entrepreneurial than Americans

How generous of him to describe The Hispanics in such a favorable light. Look, the Party understands that long-term we’ve got to continue what has been a long effort to reach minority groups like the Hispanics.  And the Hispanics are very entrepreneurial, and to their credit they probably have a better record of being entrepreneurs […]

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Wisconsin — Parity is Back

With the recalls concluded one blogger sees Wisconsin returning to a 50/50 state. I recommend the entire article. If there’s one signal Wisconsin voters have sent in two tumultuous 2011 elections, it’s that parity is back. After a Democratic blow-out in 2008 and a Republican blow-out in 2010, we’re looking at a different electorate in […]

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Debt Deal

Ezra Klein: And that gets to the truth of this deal, and perhaps of Washington in this age: it’s all about lowest-common denominator lawmaking. There are no taxes. No entitlement cuts. No stimulus. No infrastructure. Less in actual, specific deficit reduction than there was in the Simpson-Bowles, Ryan, or Obama plans, and even than there […]

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