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Changing times in NH, indeed

                                                     CHANGING TIMES, INDEED – I live in Lebanon, yet make the two hour drive (once-a-month) to North Conway to meet friends, traversing the rural and semi-rural traditionally Republican areas […]

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Meet Chet Edwards. Our Veep? w/video from the stump

cross-posted at dailykos Meet Chet Edwards, US Congressman from the TX 17th district which includes Crawford, TX. I taped his remarks to a crowd at the VFW post in Manchester just last Sunday. He was stumping in NH with Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) and the focus of the day was vet issues. Edwards is extremely knowledgeable […]

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Running, From Themselves

MS-01 has proven to be a watershed in the recognition among Congressional Republicans that they are up to their ears in defeat.  But it will do nothing to alter in any fundamental way the nature of this election cycle for their benefit. I spent a lot of time tonight going through the various recriminations and […]

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Some Early Turnout Numbers

I’ll have a more comprehensive post up about this later, but kossack SaintPeter has a great early breakdown on turnout.  The inescapable conclusion?  The GOP is in serious, serious trouble. Check out the numbers for key states like AR, CO, MO, and TN. And the close margins in the reddest of red states. Alabama? Un-freaking-believable. […]

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Today is the day Edwards supporters ‘Ron Pauls’ the Media

In case you had not heard, the net roots organizers for Edwards have declared Friday Jan 18, 2008 the Edwards ‘moneybomb’ day.https://www.johnedwards.com/ac… Why? Well for one, Ron Paul’s supporters are showing the establishment that the net roots can generate publicity in ways that can not be ignored – money.We have seen the media coronate first […]

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John Edwards and Nataline close it out in NH

The bus was late, but the show was sweet – bittersweet. John Edwards closed out his NH campaign in Dover last night to a rapt audience. Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and James Denton were there. The whole Edwards family was there. The entire campaign family was there. The family of labor showed up in full […]

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