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Living Within Our Means

The NH House Finance Committee is currently working on the state budget. They are outraged by the budget sent to them by Governor Hassan, and so the pushback begins. So far it contains every bit of cruelty that today’s Republican Party has ever wanted to inflict on the non-wealthy, and plenty more besides. NH’s infrastructure […]

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Cruzin’ For Unlimited Cash

Ted Cruz was busy in NH over the weekend. At one event he was working hard to ensure that a  three year old grows up to become a Democrat. Cruz thinks there should be no limits  on political cash: Unlimited political cash would give rank-and-file conservative activists greater sway in picking their representatives, including the president..So people who don’t have […]

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Fergus Cullen – Moocher

Former Chair of the NH Republican Party Fergus Cullen lives in Dover. He ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 2013. One of the policies he mentioned his support for in interviews was Dover’s tax cap, as we see here in Fosters:After gaining political experience at the state and national levels, Cullen said he now wants to […]

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Bills, Bills, Bills

The legislature is back from a week of hiatus, and they’re getting back to business. A lot of proposed bills were dealt with this week, and the committees are busy hearing more. One of the many good things about NH is our unwillingness to frivolously amend the state constitution. Every legislative session numerous amendment bills […]

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The NAP is Crap

Some Free Staters are miffed about SB 105, a bill that would add electronic nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarettes) to the other tobacco products that are included in the indoor smoking act. The indoor smoking act prohibits smoking in enclosed wo…

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New Hampshire’s Rising Star

NH Senator Kelly Ayotte was the keynote speaker at the GOP conference in Missouri known as Reagan-Lincoln Days. Senator Ayotte is regarded as a rising star within her party, a party desperate to present itself as women friendly, despite all evidence to the contrary. From the Kansas City Star:Keynote speaker Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire criticized Obama for foreign […]

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