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Bush Library Dedication: The Timing Could Not Have Been Better…

George W. Bush opened his Presidential Library yesterday and the timing could not have been better.  Fresh on the heels of the first successful “terror” attack  since 9-11, we were presented with what is likely the most expensive, lavish and Orwellian edifice to presidential revisionism this country has ever seen.  This is just the beginning […]

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By Hook or By Crook… President Romney

They don’t care how they do it.  After their stinging defeat … despite the best efforts of Karl Rove, et al to steal the election via fraud in voting machines and voter suppression … they look for new ways to cheat. They are unapologetically corrupt, bankrupt and desperate.  We have dodged a bullet… but they […]

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They’re Dumb … They’re Mean… They’re Wrong About Everything.. and We Are Paying Dearly

No gun control.No birth control.No voting rights actNo gay rightsNo unionsNo worker rightsNo health care mandateNo universal health careNo mental health servicesNo abortionsNo equal payNo taxes for the wealthyNo regulations to protect workers and consumersNo money for public educationNo protection of our environment I’m sure the list goes on…

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“no other place to go….”

During his acceptance speech at the DNC convention just days ago, Obama quoted Lincoln, “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go ”  (The rest of the quote: “…My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day.”) This […]

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What’s This About Maggie Skipping out on Appearances?

RIchard Whitney, chair of the Stoddard Democrats, wrote a letter to the editor in which he complains that Maggie Hassan was a no-show for a long-standing candidates’ forum for Cheshire County voters. “A date was chosen that was agreeable for everyone and 48 hours before the event all four special guests confirmed they would be […]

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Romney/Ryan… Such Good Christians…

Catholic Bishops may be in a quandary this election, having to decide between supporting Obama who angered them in his decision to provide birth control coverage to women who work in religion-sponsored organizations and Romnay/Ryan whose budget priorities favor reducing aid to the poor. The Franciscan Action Network (FAN), a Catholic faith-based advocacy and civic […]

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