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She Works Full Time For A Government Contractor For Poverty Wages And Then Became Homeless

Privatization leads the race to the bottom. Report after report continues to show that workers and taxpayer lose when government jobs are contracted out to the lowest bidder. Last year In The Public Interest released a biting report on the effects of privatizing public jobs. “By slashing labor costs, a company may be able to […]

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Congressional House Members Split On Omnibus Bill

  This week has been very busy in Washington as Congress created yet another manufactured crisis with threats to shut down the government over a divisive continuing resolution. The good news is that, for now, the government will remain open as the House passed a omnibus bill to fund the government for another year. The […]

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AFL-CIO and AFT Oppose The Wall Street Giveaways In House Spending Bill

The Wall Street gamblers are up to their underhanded tricks once again, and they are using their Congressional puppets to do their bidding.  Tonight Republican lawmakers tried to roll back provisions in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act regarding derivative trading. “The provision that’s about to be repealed requires banks to keep separate a key […]

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President Obama Defies Democrats And Unions Pushing For The TPP

In really crappy news, President Obama announced today that he is willing to defy Democrats and the labor unions that helped elect him to side with Republicans to push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership. “Those who oppose these trade deals ironically are accepting a status quo that is more damaging to American workers,” Obama said at […]

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Republicans Push Right To Work In Missouri, New Hampshire And Wisconsin Admitting It Will Lower Wages

Yup, he said it! Missouri Republican State Representative Bill Lant actually admitted what labor advocates have been saying for decades, Right To Work laws reduce wages.   “In the states where right to work was passed recently, the hourly rates may have dropped 2 to 3 dollars an hour, but the amount of days per […]

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Enough is enough!

Today the Nashua Telegraph posted the article, “Pension tension: New research dispels old notion that public employees make less than private sector peers,” which highlights supposedly “new” research focused on public employee pensions. There are many things wrong with this article and I feel obligated to correct some of these inaccuracies. Let’s start with the […]

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