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The Very Model of a Democratic Party

That’s what we have in the Strafford County Democratic Committee in New Hampshire. That’s what accounts for the county being a bastion of democrats in a sea of pink (New Hampshire Republicans are wishy-washy when they are not plain crazy). The Strafford County Democrats are better than little league baseball, which can only be played […]

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Crazier than Trump

You didn’t think That was possible? On Capitol Hill it is. So, what’s the point?  Congress has suddenly discovered that their control of the public purse, which they have been pretending not to value, is about to be supplanted by direct payments from the Treasury, untouched by Congressional hands. Why does that matter? Because if […]

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If that’s what he wants to be, notorious, Scott Brown is on the right track. Now he’s got folks way down south in Louisiana making fun of the fact that he can’t tell the difference between Massachusetts, where he got his political credits, and New Hampshire, where he’s got a summer house. Bad news may […]

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Sometimes too late is just in time.

Errol Morris, the documentary director who just came out with “The Unknown Known,” a documentary about and featuring Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense during the invasion and destruction of Iraq, took time out to promote getting out the vote with a documentary entitled, “11 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote?” Released in October of 2012, it […]

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TEA Party Suckers

The problem with the TEA party people is that they are easily suckered. That the lower income people are taxed too much is a valid grievance. However, these people let themselves be co-opted by the very people whose hoarding depresses and destabilizes the economy for everyone else.

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Democrats being neighborly.

That’s where the difference lies. Liberals delight in other people’s success; the Cons turn green with envy. So, the neighborly thing to do is help the good folks in Maine send Shenna to stand side by side with Shaheen. Two strong Democrats from the northern kingdoms, standing together with Elizabeth Warren will help turn the […]

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