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fuel tax increase badly needed

Since my letter to the editors did not pass UL muster I’m printing it here: I suggest to Sen. Chuck Morse and other lawmakers that we must raise the gas tax because to do otherwise will hurt business in the state. When I see delivery trucks struggling to travel on many of our secondary highways, […]

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Will New Hampshire ever get started…

…in bringing back its once economically-critical rail system? With Vermont beefing up its rail structures to take heavier oil tank cars, and raising their overpasses to accommodate “double-stack” freight containers, on top of its Ethan Allen and Vermonter daily services into New York City; now Maine with its Downeaster passenger service Boston/Portland, five round trips per […]

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Electors vote on Monday, December 17

 My husband, Malcolm Taylor, wrote this artice for a newspaper. Thought you might be interested.  Only those students of government will know that Barack Obama has not yet been re-elected president of the United States. That's the job of the Electoral College, not an institution of higher learning, but an anomaly of the federal Constitution. […]

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NH Rail Transit Authority Upcoming Contracts

The Governor and Council on March 7 will be asked to accept a $4.1 million Federal Railroad/Federal Transit Administration planning grant to determine if restoring the state’s Capital Rail Corridor makes sense, and what that might cost. Private funds have already been pledged to take the place of the state’s share. With Vermont beefing up […]

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Refreshing to hear from McLaughlin

An article in The Citizen yesterday entitled “McLaughlin Not Running for Governor” included these statements from our former NH Attorney General concerning a 21st Century Model of the NH Pledge:“…zealously guarding individual rights, including allowing people to marry the person of their choice; the right of all women to choose; and the right of labor […]

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