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Sen. Morse needs to seriously consider House budget if he wants a casino in Salem

Re-posted from LivableMHT: State Sen. Chuck Morse (R-Salem), who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, opposes a 30-cent increase in the tobacco tax and a 12-cent increase in the gas tax, while demanding that the House pass a bill to allow a casino, likely to be located in his hometown of Salem. To his credit, Sen. Morse […]

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The governor’s budget & New Hampshire’s reactionary policy-making

One aged man—one man—can’t fill a house, A farm, a countryside, or if he can, It’s thus he does it of a winter night. –Robert Frost, “An Old Man’s Winter Night” From my perspective, Gov. Hassan’s proposed budget does a good job of beginning to restore funding to necessary programs. While I’d ideally like to […]

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John Clayton for governor?

John DiStaso’s Granite Status reports today on an effort to draft John Clayton to run for governor. Clayton, whose grandfather was my great-uncle (or something along those lines), is most famous for his “In the City” column in the Union Leader and for hosting “New Hampshire Crossroads” after Fritz Wetherbee, and apparently he’s a Democrat. […]

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An urban response to the Senate redistricting proposal

I have written before about how cities and rural communities in southern New Hampshire are both underrepresented in the Senate by being lumped into districts often dominated by neighboring suburbs. The topic came again recently in the discussion of the Republican Senate redistricting proposal, so I thought I’d see if I could come up with […]

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Redistricting for an urban voice in the state Senate

Reposted from LivableMHT, inspired by the redistricting diary of last week With all the controversial topics being discussed in Concord this year, the decennial redistricting process hasn’t been on the radar much.  That’s not good news for Manchester, though, which has been oddly gerrymandered, with its political influence in the state splintered, for at least […]

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Improving transit and strengthening neighborhoods in Manchester

I wanted to share a two-part series I wrote  about the state and possible future of transit in the Queen City for GoodGood Manchester, a new website dedicated to bringing people together and providing information about goings on in the Manchester community. Though I’m living in Cambridge, Massachusetts these days, as a Manchester native and […]

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