Scott Brown: Shameless Carpetbagger

Note.  This blog appeared as a column in the Conway Daily Sun on March 27, 2014 According to one of the definitions of a carpetbagger is “a politician who seeks public office in a locality where he has no real connections” Wikipedia defines Carpetbagger as: “In modern usage in the United States, the term is sometimes […]

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Political avarice

Many large corporations are economic/political gangs.  They are most often owned by individuals, other corporations, pension funds and other entities who hire corporate bosses (CEOs and Board of Directors) to make profits and increase corporate wealth.  It is impossible to survive as a constitutional republic unless the masses of workers come to the realization that […]

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Is Andy Smith a non-partisan shill?

How else to explain Andy Smith’s persistent prognostications that, like most of our journalists’, turn out to be wrong? There’s a comprehensive review of Smith’s track record on Dailykos, explicating why he is not to be believed. I do think he serves a purpose, but perhaps it’s inadvertent. Perhaps Andy Smith just doesn’t realize that […]

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In 2012, Massachusetts voters decided they didn’t like Senator Scott Brown’s loyalty to Big Oil and they voted him out of the Senate. This year, he’s back, but in New Hampshire, where he is trying to unseat Senator Jeanne Shaheen.In May 2011, Senator Brown voted to protect billions in taxpayer subsidies to oil companies even though they […]

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That’s my reaction to the stream of missives from the New Hampshire Democratic Party pleading for dollars to counter the influx into Republican coffers from away. Not only am I not upset that billionaires and millionaires are throwing dollars into political campaigns in the state, that they’re stupid enough to think dollars determine votes tells […]

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Senator Shaheen proposes to improve TRICARE

TRICARE is the health insurance program for members of the military and their dependents. As such, it is a Congressional responsibility and entirely appropriate for the Congress to define in the law. On the other hand, even though The Access to Contraception for Women Servicemembers and Dependents Act of 2014, which Senator Shaheen introduced this […]

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It Must Be Catching

Annie Kuster, our U.S. House Rep. for the Second District, is touting a ‘no’ vote to raise money for her re-election. “Just say no,” must be catching. Kuster writes: Last night, I voted no against Speaker Boehner’s attempt to sue the president. I did this because we don’t need to waste any more time playing […]

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Segregation in the Middle East

I’d only suggest that segregation or exclusionary behavior is apparently very difficult to resist. It assumes various names, but is always the same. Some humans are shut off or shut themselves off from others to serve the delusion that the act of exclusion makes them somehow more special or significant than the rest of their […]

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Rally for Market Basket

Looks like members of the Board of Directors, who ousted long-time CEO Arthur T. Demoulas, aren’t gaining much favor with shoppers and employees challenging that decision. While the matter seems to have come to a head the last week, regular custormers at Market Basket know it’s been festering for a while.

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