Rally for Market Basket

Looks like members of the Board of Directors, who ousted long-time CEO Arthur T. Demoulas, aren’t gaining much favor with shoppers and employees challenging that decision. While the matter seems to have come to a head the last week, regular custormers at Market Basket know it’s been festering for a while.

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Insulting New Hampshire

It seems the modern day Republican party makes a fetish out of being rude. How else to explain insulting New Hampshire by importing the rube from Massachusetts, or Maine (take your pick), to represent us in the U.S. Senate? Of course, it’s a free country and anyone can live anywhere. But, that’s what makes the […]

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NH Economic Development Program

Whether our political subdivisions ought to be in the business of promoting business is questionable. Well, at least, Republicans have long asserted that government should stay out of business, even as they rely almost exclusively on the currency our federal government provides. I guess what they mean is that they want to use it, but […]

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Muffin Bribe

Is it possible for citizens to be bribed for their votes by a muffin and/or a couple of slices of pizza? I sure hope not. In my case, I was really put off by Comcast and “Ready for Hillary” getting access to New Hampshire Democrats at their state convention via an infusion of callories for […]

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Dimpled, but not principled

It has long been fairly obvious to anyone paying close attention that the party of business was largely aspirational. That is people flock to the Republican Party because they want to be good at business, but aren’t. So, the recent revelations about Scott Brown’s affiliation with an outfit in Florida that’s morphed from hair spray […]

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Veterans’ Administration, a reminder of Congress’ failure

Part of the impetus for the emphasis on getting universal health care, beginning with Howard Dean’s campaign in 2003 and reinforced by the subsequent election of Carol Shea-Porter to Congress, was the realization that the Iraq war was going to produce a lot more medically needy citizens, because whole families were going to be impacted […]

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