The Very Model of a Democratic Party

That’s what we have in the Strafford County Democratic Committee in New Hampshire. That’s what accounts for the county being a bastion of democrats in a sea of pink (New Hampshire Republicans are wishy-washy when they are not plain crazy). The Strafford County Democrats are better than little league baseball, which can only be played […]

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Crazier than Trump

You didn’t think That was possible? On Capitol Hill it is. So, what’s the point?  Congress has suddenly discovered that their control of the public purse, which they have been pretending not to value, is about to be supplanted by direct payments from the Treasury, untouched by Congressional hands. Why does that matter? Because if […]

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USPS Workers To Rally Against Postal Units In Staples Stores On 4-24-14

USPS Workers To Rally Against Postal Units In Staples Stores On 4-24-14

Please join the Postal Workers on Thursday April 24, from 4-6 pm in Concord NH for a peaceful demonstration near the Concord Staples on Fort Eddy Road (across from LL Bean at exit 14 off of 93 N). Help us to STOP the privatization & destruction of The U.S.P.S. before it’s too late.  A recent agreement between the USPS and Staples established postal counters in 82 Staples stores — staffed with low-wage, non-union Staples employees … Continue reading

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Welfare Walt and the Politics of Free Stuff

Taxpayers paid for Walt Havenstein’s college education. Taxpayers gave him a job after college and a generous pension upon retirement. We’ve paid his medical bills and seen after his family’s well-being. He has further enjoyed our largess thanks to the bloated Pentagon budget and the ludicrous waste it engenders. Walt Havenstein has had a good […]

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If that’s what he wants to be, notorious, Scott Brown is on the right track. Now he’s got folks way down south in Louisiana making fun of the fact that he can’t tell the difference between Massachusetts, where he got his political credits, and New Hampshire, where he’s got a summer house. Bad news may […]

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Sometimes too late is just in time.

Errol Morris, the documentary director who just came out with “The Unknown Known,” a documentary about and featuring Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense during the invasion and destruction of Iraq, took time out to promote getting out the vote with a documentary entitled, “11 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote?” Released in October of 2012, it […]

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Live Free and Die

The first half of Rachel Maddow’s show last night (2014-04-07) was all about Scott Brown’s Senate run.  The intro is a bit weak (at least, I didn’t think the proffered election night clip was creepy) but it gets better, and gives a good overview of the cues in @ScottBrownMA’s public presence that show he’s not […]

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Winter soldiers, old and new

I sometimes wonder at, in the words of Citizen Kane, “what a disagreeable old man I have become.“ This weekend, when all the kids were going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I was reminded of a weekend, back in my day, twenty or so years ago. It wasn’t spent in a comfy multiplex […]

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