About Blue Hampshire

A central hub for news and discussion, Blue Hampshire is an online community focused around progressive politics in the Granite State. Its intended audience includes engaged citizens, public servants, members of the media, community activists, and anyone with a passion for civic life in New Hampshire. While much of what happens here is a conversation on the news of the day, we are committed as well to original reporting and to using the site as a grassroots organizing tool. Blue Hampshire was founded in November 2006 by bloggers Dean Barker (now a BH alumnus), Michael Caulfield (also an alumnus), and Laura Clawson,  formerly of The Yankee DoodlerNH-02 Progressive, and Blue Granite. While chiefly following the Paul Hodes and Charles Bass congressional race, they occasionally became part of the story itself, most notably when a top aide to Bass posed as a liberal blogger on their sites to dampen support and contributions for Hodes.

A few kind words thrown our way:

“Blue Hampshire, which has quickly become one of the most influential blogs in the nation.” – Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos.

“Modeled after the national Daily Kos, Blue Hampshire allows multiple users to blog and comment. In a sign of its influence many Democratic presidential campaigns heavily post on the page and in recent months the former state Democratic Party Chair and the current chair have become active users.”
– James Pindell, The Boston Globe

“A Democratic blog that has quickly become an influential voice in the New Hampshire primary campaign.” – Amy Schatz, The Wall St. Journal

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