N.H. GOP: A criminal subculture of bullying & extortion

An explosive email exchange between New Hampshire GOP chair Jennifer Horn and party treasurer Robert Scott has exposed a profoundly dysfunctional party organization.

The email messages, first reported by James Pindell and published in full by Skip Murphy, document a bitter dispute over Horn’s access to party bank accounts.

The messages begin with Scott accusing Horn of reneging on an agreement not to sign checks on the accounts. Scott claimed they reached the agreement after being advised by the party’s counsel, auditor and insurance agent that Horn’s personal financial troubles¬†could become a liability if she had signing authority.

Horn responded to Scott’s message, not by addressing the issue he raised, but by criticizing Scott for “a pattern of continued FEC mistakes" that occurred during his tenure as party treasurer. "I need to hear from you," she wrote, “as to what you believe is the best course of action to restore the full faith of the Executive Board and the general membership of our party in the office of Treasurer."

Things quickly went downhill from there. After several messages defending themselves and attacking the other, Scott denounced Horn for her “attempts to threaten, bully and extort" him to prevent him from performing his duties as treasurer:

I am profoundly disturbed by the criminal quality of this entire affair and the personal abuse that I have had to endure in my attempt to protect the best interest of the NHRSC. The recent development of this criminal subculture of bullying and extortion in our organization … must be openly challenged and cannot be allowed to perpetuate.

These criminals (threats and extortion are illegal) and their thuggery has no place in the NHGOP. If we come to accept this type of psychological violence as standard operating procedure in the NHGOP; what is the next logical step? We are the party of Ronald Reagan not Mario Puzo.

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One Response to N.H. GOP: A criminal subculture of bullying & extortion

  1. hannah April 10, 2013 at 6:23 am #

    It’s my sense that these people cannot help adopting and repeating the language they hear. As long as Democrats ignored their misbehavior and did not bother to categorize it, they just parroted the party line. Now there’s a greater variety to choose from, so Democratic assessments show up in the mix.
    None of their language, however, means anything, because it is all just talk — as was the language of “jobs, jobs, jobs.” They were just repeating applause lines.
    It’s hard to know how to counter a parrot. If Democrats change their tune, the parrots will just follow along. Many people are quite content to just be told what they like to hear. Vide the audience for FOX.

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