School choice. Another rightwing con.

Although we’ve known all along that the teapartiers and libertarians want nothing more them to take down the public schools and labor unions in New Hampshire and America, I thought this quote was worth sharing:

“On the surface, School Choice is purportedly about increasing opportunities for inner city and rural youth. The all-important subtext, however, is that School Choice is really about freeing up dollars for Christian-based education. An important arrow that energizes today’s religious quiver is the intentional misuse of language in changing the debate by referring to public schools as “government schools” and public education as a “government school monopoly,” thus instantly and directly speaking to Tea Partiers and Libertarians.”

We hear the term “government school” quite regularly from the O’Brien-types, and we must be vigilant and understand what their mission is all about.  Beware the wolf.

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