Fix The Debt? No Labels Nonsense Again

Fix the Debt? Sounds reasonable. Even some Democrats have been suckered in to this latest incarnation of corporate-profit driven lobbying group. But it’s, as The Who said, “same as the old boss,” another nice sounding name determined to game the system in favor of the greedy 1%. Tune in to Tuesday 2/19 from noon to one at to learn more.

One Response to Fix The Debt? No Labels Nonsense Again

  1. hannah February 18, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

    Just want to make the point that every dollar is nothing more than a certified IOU. In other words, every dollar, both circulating and in accounts, represents a debt. So, the only way to get rid of quantifiable debts is to stop using currency entirely. However, much as depriving couples of marriage certificates doesn’t get rid of the mutual relationship (previously recognized as “common law”), getting rid of formal IOUs doesn’t cancel out debt. People will still owe people stuff. Not having a written record just makes it easier to forget.

    And that actually seems to be a big part of the Cons’ problem with owing–forgetfulness. They’d rather not be reminded of obligations they have taken on and duties they are supposed to carry out. Indeed, it seems many of our politicians apply for the job of public servant thinking they will be in charge and won’t owe anyone anything at all.

    That’s a mistake we need to correct, not by removing the obligations, but by removing the personnel who have proved incapable of carrying them out.

    Imagine a chef deciding the diners have to diet because he doesn’t know how to cook.

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