Marco Rubio & Climate Change: Can’t Do Nothing About It

Marco Rubio, the man who would be President (?!?!?!?) says nope, can’t do nothing about it.

This guy is off this planet. At least he shows he doesn’t care much about ours. In addition to being grossly uninformed about what other nations are indeed doing about climate change, and what the United States still has not, he’s in denial that a problem even exists.

Of course, it’s all in league with the Flat Earth Society membership of the right-wingers, and the Intelligent Design Club of his contributors.

Next time he gulps some water, he might think about where it comes from.

2 Responses to Marco Rubio & Climate Change: Can’t Do Nothing About It

  1. mevansnh February 14, 2013 at 6:00 am #

    Not only where it comes from, but that it is a limited resource and should not be polluted. It is hard to understand how there can be so many stupid people in this world. Maybe it has something to do with religion and cult worship. As you know, the answer to prayer is Yes, No or Maybe.

  2. hannah February 14, 2013 at 1:09 pm #

    I really thought bottle feeding might promote maturation, but it seems attachment to the bottle is even more persistent than clutching at the breast.

    Anyway, poor Marco does not know the difference between God putting coal in the ground and man spewing it into the air we breathe.

    For the next election we should develop a test to identify the process-deprived — people who do not know how or why things happen.

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