NH House vote: Free State Project vs. Occupy

Today the New Hampshire House rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would have required a super-majority vote by both chambers of the legislature to raise taxes or fees.

CACR 1 was defeated by a 149-206 vote. The only Democrat voting in favor of the amendment was Free Stater Rep. Tim O’Flaherty. Rep. Tim Smith, a Manchester Democrat who identifies with the Occupy movement, spoke in opposition and called out "those who would seek to dismantle our government entirely:"

This bill is pure obstructionism. Nothing more, nothing less. When we go back to our districts and have constituents express frustration that the government can’t get anything done, this bill – that we are about to vote on – is a perfect example of what they are frustrated about.

Trying to make it even harder for government to do it’s job, and giving huge power to the minority party if they so seek to obstruct routine functions of the general court, is an absurd model.

We have no idea what the future holds for the Granite State. … Making it harder to fund the state only serves the interests of those who would seek to dismantle our government entirely….

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