To think these few misguided souls are a threat is silly

A recent Union Leader editorial on the Free State Project declared, “To think that these few misguided souls are a grave threat to the State of New Hampshire is silly.”

After all, in a state of 1.3 million people, how could a thousand Free Staters make any progress towards realizing their goal of dismantling government? Read on.

The Union Leader has this report from yesterday’s town meeting in Weare:

Over the objections of Police Chief Gregory Begin and other residents, the proposed operating budget was reduced by $10,800 to $4,883,567, with $10,000 of that reduction coming out of the police department’s overtime budget. … Begin said the reduction in overtime could result in less coverage, but the reduction — made by amendment — was narrowly approved, 24-23.

A Free Stater who attended the meeting bragged on Facebook that he and three fellow Free Staters (who sometimes call themselves porcupines) made the difference:

The town police overtime budget was just cut by $10k by one vote. Glad I showed up. :-D

24-23, 4 porc votes

In related news, Free State Project president Carla Gericke has filed a 32-count lawsuit against the Weare Police Department alleging state and federal constitutional violations.

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