Can’t Happen Soon Enough

In the “It Can’t Happen Soon Enough” Category.  This Thursday is also the day that Ann McLane Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter are sworn in as our Federal Representatives in Washington.

With all the kabuki theater over the past week about the fiscal cliff and Frank Guinta voting against the bill late last night, it will be great to have these two problem solving Democrats representing us in DC.

I suspect most of you recieved this email from Kuster as well.

Brad and I are taking a deep breath before we dive into 2013 – enjoying time with our loved ones, counting our blessings and gearing up for our new adventure.

The challenges we face are real, and our country needs our help.  I don’t know how I can begin to express my gratitude for your endless support, encouragement, and faith in me. I can promise that I will go down to Washington and fight hard for New Hampshire every day.  We may not always agree, but I  my office will always have an open door and an open ear for your ideas and concerns.

The 113th Congress will be sworn in on Thursday and I will stand proudly with my colleagues in the most diverse Democratic New Member Class in history. We are women and men, old and young, gay and straight, believers of every faith, and leaders from all corners of the country.- all bound together by the belief that we will overcome the challenges we face together.

All of us are joined together by a profound sense of possibility and a core belief that America can truly be a land of justice and equality for all.

Wishing you peace and joy in the New Year,
Best wishes,


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